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The Real Reason Why King Charles Will Be "One of the Most Eccentric Sovereigns," Royal Expert Claims

He has a few very interesting quirks. 

King Charles has been reigning the United Kingdom for less than two months since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, on September 8, 2022. And, in that short time, he has proven that he isn't like the other monarchs who came before him. King Charles' monarchy is less formal than his mother's.

This can be evidenced by his upcoming Coronation, which has been immensely scaled down in everything from the guest list to the dress code. And not only is he the first King to be divorced, married to his second wife, Queen Consort Camilla, but according to one expert, he is much more "eccentric" than his predecessors. 

King Charles Is Allegedly the "Most Eccentric" Soverign

Charles, Prince of Wales visits an exhibition of traditional culinary products home made

In a new interview with ET's Rachel Smith, Christopher Andersen, the author of The King, claims that Charles will be "one of the most eccentric sovereigns Great Britain has ever had." He backs up the claim with a few of the out-of-the-ordinary habits the King has. 

He Allegedly Still Travels with His Teddy Bear


The first thing that makes King Charles so interesting? "He still travels with a childhood teddy bear," said Andersen. "He's had it since he was a very small child… The only person who's been allowed to mend King Charles' teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to."

He Also Allegedly Travels with a Toilet Seat


Andersen also brings up the rumor that King Charles refuses to sit on any old toilet seat. Instead, he "travels with a custom-made toilet seat." 

He Allegedly Brings His Own Chef to Other People's Homes

Male chef

While Charles has denied it vehemently, "people who work in the palace, people who have worked for him, say that… when he goes to dinner parties at other people's homes, he often brings his own chef, so they can prepare a meal for him that he'll eat separately at the table. He wants what he wants when he wants it," Andersen explains. 

He Allegedly Doesn't Like Square Ice Cubes

chewing on ice cubes, bad for teeth

"I think one of the funniest quirks — a number of royals have this, the queen had it as well — they don't like square ice cubes," Andersen adds. "They carry around ice cube trays, have them brought with them wherever they go, because they don't like the clinking sound that square cubes make."

He Is Allegedly Moody


And, Charles' "very moody, very temperamental" behavior also makes him unique. "He has a volcanic temper, in fact," Andersen maintains. "He's very capable of flying into rages."

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He Is Also a Divorcé

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Then, there is the fact that Charles is a divorcé. In fact, it wasn't until 2005 that he was allowed to marry "the love of his life," Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort. After his affair and the death of Princess Diana, he and Camilla were "portrayed as the villains," and many worried this would tarnish his reputation as King.

"I think the biggest task facing Charles right now is selling Camilla to the British people," said Andersen. "Now there's even talk of him getting rid of the consort aspect, so she will be Queen Camilla… Selling the British people on this is one thing, [but] it's quite another to watch that crown being placed on her head next to Charles when they have the coronation in May. That's gonna turn a lot of people off."

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