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The Real Reason King Charles is "Ready to Ban" Prince Harry and Meghan From Coronation, Royal Author Claims

If Harry does this, his relationship with his father might be ruined forever.

Over the past week, details about King Charles' coronation ceremony have been revealed. The official crowning event will take place in Westminster Abbey in London on May 6, 2023. Not only will the King be crowned, but his Queen Consort and wife of many years, Camilla, will also be crowned.

The Palace has also revealed that the highly anticipated event will be scaled down and much more casual than prior ceremonies. The guest list will reportedly be cut from over 8,000 who attended Elizabeth's ceremony to just 2,000. We may expect the guests to be wearing elegant suits instead of ceremonial garbs worn during the previous coronation. The biggest question at this point is who will be on the guest list – and according to some experts, it might not include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

It Is Unclear Whether Harry Is Invited to the Coronation

Prince Harry

King Charles reportedly has not yet decided if her younger son will be in the audience at his coronation ceremony, which allegedly, according to reports, largely has to do with Harry and Meghan's upcoming Netflix docuseries as well as Harry's tell-all book, set to be published in the next few months. 

If Harry Attacks Camilla in His Book, He Allegedly Won't Be Invited


The King of England is concerned that Harry is going to attack his wife, Camilla, and if that is the case, he will definitely not be attending the ceremony with the rest of the family. That is, according to a friend of Camilla. 

Charles is Allegedly "Incredibly Protective" of His Wife


 "Almost everything Charles has done over the past 20 years has, in one way or another, been about getting Camilla accepted by the public," the source told The Daily Beast. "He loves her. He is incredibly protective of her and he couldn't do it without her. Even the Queen finally accepted that."

Charles Will Allegedly "Choose Camilla" Over Harry, Says Source

DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images

According to the source, if King Charles is forced to choose between his wife and cutting ties with his son, there isn't even a question as to what move he would make. "It is one thing for Harry to attack Charles, he can take it on the chin, but if Harry forces him to choose, by laying into Camilla in his book, I have no doubt he will choose Camilla," the source confirmed. 

Harry is Allegedly Adding a Chapter to His Book, Sources Say


Per the Daily Mail's Diary Editor Richard Eden, Harry is penning a new chapter in his book after the Queen's death. "Jeffrey Archer, well-connected in the published world is saying that Harry is writing a new chapter completely. We've had all these stories about whether the book will be delayed or whether there will be changes. From what he was saying, it will be dealt with by a new chapter that will be on the Queen's funeral and the events surrounding it," Eden said. "It will give him a chance to address those stories about him being offended by not being able to wear his uniform and then not having the ER letters on his epaulets. This could be a way that all the tenses are correct, referring to the Queen in the past and then having that new chapter could be a quite elegant way to do with it. It would suggest that the book is being delayed so it may come out next spring rather than next month as we've been led to believe."

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