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Former NFL Player Attacked Son and Son's Boyfriend, Say Authorities

Joseph Staysniak was arrested for the alleged assault.

A former NFL player and the ex-radio host has been arrested and charged for reportedly attacking his son and son's boyfriend. Joseph Andrew Staysniak, 56, allegedly punched his son and strangled the boyfriend, who are both 18 years old. A neighbor alerted Staysniak to suspicious behavior in the car at a late hour, and when he went to investigate, the situation turned violent, Law & Crime reports. Staysniak is also accused of allegedly brandishing a gun, according to a probable cause affidavit from a responding Hendricks County Sheriff's deputy. Here's what the affidavit says

Suspicious Neighbor Reports the Car


According to Staysniak's son, he and the boyfriend were "cuddling" in the car when a neighbor spotted them. The neighbor told them they would alert Staysniak, who appeared soon after. According to the son and the boyfriend, Staysniak punched his son and strangled the boyfriend. The boyfriend claims Staysniak had a gun against his face at one point. "[The son] advised that his father opened the rear right passenger door and that when he did he grabbed [the boyfriend's] hood and was choking him," the affidavit said. "[The son] stated that his father then punched him, causing his lip to bleed and then punched [the boyfriend]. [The son] stated that his father then displayed a firearm and told him and [the boyfriend] that they're lucky he saw who it was."

The Situation Turns Violent


"[The boyfriend] advised that Joseph 'flashed a gun' and had it against the side of his face at one point during this incident," the affidavit stated. "[The boyfriend] also stated Joseph pointed the firearm at him. He stated that Joseph then grabbed him by his hood and that his breathing/talking was restricted. He further stated that Joseph then punched [the son] and then punched him."

Alleged Assault and Battery


Staysniak allegedly assaulted his son again after the altercation. "[The boyfriend] further stated that [the son] called him later in the evening telling him that his father had hit him several times after the incident," the affidavit stated. When deputies came to the house, Staysniak said a neighbor alerted him to a suspicious car outside the house. "Joseph stated he approached the red vehicle and observed [the son] in his underwear with [the boyfriend]," the affidavit stated. "Joseph stated he told [the boyfriend] to never return to his property."

Staysniak Denies Assault Of Son's Boyfriend


Staysniak allegedly told deputies he did have a gun on him but had secured it in his car. He says he didn't see his son in the strange car until opening the door, although he noticed his son's car parked next to it. He denies striking the boyfriend but admitted grabbing him by the hoodie to get his attention. "He stated he showed the two that he brought his firearm but denied touching [the boyfriend] with it or pointing it at any person," the affidavit said. "Joseph later advised that during this altercation [the son] came after him and that he shoved him backward with an open hand."

Gun Found In Staysniak's Car


Authorities found a Smith & Wesson .38 in the glove box of Staysniak's car, with five live rounds. When talking to the police, the boyfriend said Staysniak was wielding a gun with a magazine and not a revolver. "Joseph advised that he and [his son] got into it and that he tried to attack him," the affidavit stated. "Joseph stated he had to physically restrain [his son] at this point" and that his wife had to separate them."

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Staysniak's Lawyer Makes a Statement

Hendricks County Sheriff Department

Staysniak was arrested last week and charged with strangulation and two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury. "The details of what transpired will come out in the courtroom, but we are completely confident Joe's actions will be convulsively determined to be legal and justified under the circumstances," says his lawyer Guy A. Relford. "I look forward to fully vindicating his actions in court."

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