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Influencer Gets Backlash Posing with Her Baby Son Close to Edge of Paris Balcony

Popular influencer Camila Coelho is getting slammed for the "dangerous" position she put her infant son in for photos. 

Camila Coelho is a beloved fashion and beauty influencer with almost 10 million Instagram followers, but after a recent trip to Paris with her infant son Kai, adoring fans turned on the 34-year-old. The backlash started when she posted a photo of herself with her baby propping him up against the railing of a high balcony. People were quick to call out the mom for being "reckless" and criticized her for trying to get likes. 

What to Know About Camila Coelho


Out of high school, Coelho started working at a Dior makeup counter, which inspired her to launch a YouTube channel creating her favorite beauty looks and providing  step-by-step tutorials. It began as a hobby, but helped propel her into a top influencer with a global reach of over 15 million followers across her social platforms. From there, her passion for style developed and a partnership with Revolve flourished, which carries her brand the Camila Coelho Collection. In addition, Coelho launched her beauty brand Elaluz during the pandemic.

Coelho is Proud of Creating Her Own Success


The entrepreneur went from the makeup counter, to content creator and then CEO in a decade and built success in an untraditional way. She told Forbes, "I felt insecure to say until like a few years ago that I didn't go to college. I always felt insecure saying, but today I'm proud of my story and everything I've accomplished. I had to work hard, especially not going to college. The biggest lesson I've learned is to trust myself and follow my heart. Each time I've followed my heart, I've been happy with the results, and the moments where I didn't, I ended up failing."

The Photo Backlash


Coelho was recently in Paris with her family and posted a series of photos of herself with Kai with a picturesque view of the Eiffel tower in the background  with the caption "Kai's first time in PARIS💕🥹 so happy to be back … and spend my birthday … here with him and hubby." In one pic, she was posed with her arm around seven-month-old son Kai as she stood at the balcony's edge with Kai's feet in front of the railing. In another image, she is holding Kai almost over the edge, prompting followers to slam the influencer for being "reckless."

Coelho Responded to the Backlash with a Video, Which Outraged Some Followers


Coelho didn't directly respond to the criticism, but she did post a video that's since been deleted, which upset some fans. According to PEOPLE, "While Coelho never addressed the backlash in her comments, she shared a video in the same spot later that week. In the clip, filmed from a distance, she again stands on the balcony near the railing, drinking from a teacup that Kai reaches for. "Tea break with the best company (and view) ✨," she captioned the video."

What Fans Said About the Photos


Shortly after Coelho posted the pics of her and her son on the hotel balcony, comments poured in criticizing the new mom. "Babies and balconies don't go together. People will naturally get triggered. You are my favourite fashion blogger and I'm sure you were in control, but there will be other wannabe bloggers who will try to recreate this image and potentially put their babies at risk," one commenter wrote. "It takes a second for an accident to happen. It's not worth the risk or pic." "Really? So dangerous just for a photo😱," one said, as another agreed, "Stupid things you do for a picture". "How far can you go for likes? Yes, you are in Paris and yes, you have a view. No need to put a baby on the edge of a balcony," another added.In terms of the now deleted video, some followers question if she posted it to "troll" anyone who commented about the dangerous nature of the pics.  "Disappointing….I'm starting to think you're just trolling people. but of course everything for the many likes," one commenter said.

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