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"Hero" Florida Dad Dies After Saving Friend's 6-Year-Old Child from Drowning

A community is mourning a Florida man who died after he selflessly saved a child from drowning.

A Florida man is being called a "hero" after he jumped in the Anclote River Boat Ramp in Holiday, FL, and saved a friend's six-year-old boy named Carson from drowning. Adem Qorri, 40, saved the child's life before losing consciousness. "I can't even put into words my gratitude," Carson's mom Mallory Hutchinson told FOX affiliate WTVT : "I can't even say how thankful I am. There are no words that will ever replace him." 

Qorri Was Boating With Friends


The auto shop owner was enjoying a day out with friends when the fatal accident took place. Qorri was with his kids and Dale Furness' and two boys–Carson and another son who is 10. "I received pictures from my son of the water and the starfish they caught," said Hutchinson. "They decided they were going to go to Anclote Island and let the boys play on the beach."

Carson and His Brother Didn't Know They Were in Trouble Until it was Too Late


The kids were swimming and got too far out, not knowing they were in danger until it was too late. "I guess my younger one got to the ledge where the sandbar dropped off," said Hutchinson. "My older one tried grabbing him and pulling him back, and he couldn't reach him. And then he got stuck in the riptide." 

Furness and Qorri Raced to Save the Kids


According to WTVT, both men jumped into action and raced to the kids. Furness and other boaters passing by were able to rescue two of the boys. Qorri was with Carson and tried to keep him from drowning. He lost consciousness. He was pulled out from the water by another boater, but died at the hospital. "My son said that he was calling for help, and he was screaming he was sorry," said Hutchinson. She told the outlet, "My six-year-old, he saved his life. He wouldn't be here. It would be me in this situation."

Qorri's Sons Were There When Their Dad Died


The two families became friends through youth football and Qorri's sons were on the boat with him. "This poor family lost their husband/daddy yesterday," a family member wrote on a GoFundMe page. "Adem Qorri passed away a hero and drowned in the ocean while saving a kid. He was out on a boat with his friends and their children and Adem's sons are traumatized by the events that took place. My heart hurts so bad for his boys and wife and I'm so sorry for their loss. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and if you can help them in any way."

"He Just Was the Best Dad Ever"


Qorri's Wife, Blerta, praised her husband's selfless actions. "I would say he would do it again over and over and over, and he wouldn't think about it," she said. "And I'm glad actually he did it and that he is a hero now." She raved about him as a father and said, "He just was the best dad ever." Qorri came to the United States as a refugee from Kosovo during the Balkan conflict in the late 90s and his family is considering taking his body back to his native country.

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