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Hero Dog Saves Its Owner From a Deadly Mamba Snake Slithering Under the Couch

Rottweiler kept pushing him away from the couch over two days.

A heroic dog in South Africa was able to alert its owner to the presence of a deadly black mamba living under his couch. The dog's owner, who hasn't been identified, wondered why his beloved Rottweiler kept pushing him away from the couch over two days. "[The owner] moved the couch, and there was a Black Mamba!" snake rescuer and conservationist Nick Evans wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Read on to find out what happened next.

Dog Went For Snake, Owner Interceded

Nick Evans Snake Rescuer/Facebook

Once the giant snake's hiding place was exposed, the Rottweiler tried to attack it, but his owner quickly grabbed him and took him outside. "That may not sound like much, but I was super impressed by the homeowner's actions," Evans wrote. "Not everyone could react fast like that in a moment like that." Evans was called to remove the snake, which was just over seven feet long. He described it as a "quick and easy catch."

Dog's Owner Reacted Right, Expert Says


 Evans said the man's reaction was the ideal way to deal with a snake sighting. "The way this gentleman in Escombe reacted was exactly how one should react if a snake is encountered, and if you have dogs," he wrote. "Never let your dog out to kill a snake for you, it often ends badly for the dog too."

"I cannot tell you how many calls I get where people phone me while their dog is attacking the snake, resulting in a dead snake and at least one dead dog," he wrote. But this was a happy ending. "It was nice to see the love the family had for their dog, which clearly loved them back," wrote Evans. 

Social Media Responds With Praise for Hero Dog

Nick Evans Snake Rescuer/Facebook

Commenters on Evans' Facebook post were universally impressed.  "Amazing!! Animals are so awesome!" wrote one.

"Dogs will die for their owners because of their love and protective instincts," noted an animal rescue employee. "Well done to good ground work."

"I'm going to read this to my dogs so they know what is expected. They carried on playing while I dealt with a baby Mfezi [snake] under their noses yesterday," wrote another commenter.

"Hope the doggie got a treat from his owner," said another.

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Another Recent Snake Shocker


In other giant scary snake news, two giant mating pythons crashed through the ceiling of a couple's home in Malaysia last month. The horrifying video went viral on TikTok, racking up 34 million views.  In the video, members of Malaysia's civil defense were attempting to retrieve a snake from the wall of a residence. Just a glimpse of tail is visible. When a worker grabs a pole to make a hole with which to grab the snake, the ceiling came crashing down, revealing three giant snakes, two of which were believed to be mating.

An official said the mating snakes weighed about 70.5 pounds each and were about 16 feet, 4 inches long. The other python was 55 pounds and 13 feet, one inch long.  Reticulated pythons are some of the largest snakes in the world. They grow to 16 feet, on average, but some grow as long as 20 feet.

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