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"Goonies" House for Sale in Oregon for $1.7 Million. It's Just Down the Road From the School Used in "Kindergarten Cop" and Home Used for "Short Circuit."

“It’s kind of a fun buy.”

One of the most beloved houses in pop culture could be yours for a mere $1.7 million. The house seen in the 1985 movie Goonies is on the market in Astoria, Oregon. It offers stunning views of the river, and as a bonus: It's right down the street from the school seen in Kindergarten Cop and the home seen in Short CircuitAny potential purchaser will have to be cool with the house's celebrity, which attracts a steady flow of adoring fans on an '80 nostalgia kick.

The film's 30th anniversary brought 1,500 fans to the house daily in 2015, realtors say. "It's kind of a fun buy," said realtor Jordan Miller, the property's listing agent. Read on to find out what it's like to live in the famous house, its features and asking price, and what social media is saying.

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Potential Buyer May Open Up House


If you're interested in acquiring this piece of Americana, know two things: You have some competition, and they've expressed interest in making the house a bit more open to the public. "We have a few interested parties right now," Miller told the Associated Press. "It seems to be everybody's intention to be able to open up the house a little bit more and have more access."

The house became famous in Steven Spielberg's 1985 film, which was about a group of kids who band together to save their neighborhood from an encroaching country club. The movie has found an audience with a new generation, who have turned elements of the film, like the "truffle shuffle" dance, into memes.

Current Owner Dealt With Crowds

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The house's current owner, Sandi Preston, was mostly welcoming to visitors, the Associated Press reported. But as a full-time resident of the house, the constant crowds have occasionally gotten to be too much, and she occasionally closed it to foot traffic. After the film's 30th anniversary drew about 1,500 daily visitors in 2015, Preston posted "no trespassing" signs outside the house, banning foot traffic. But she reopened it to the public this past August.

House a Major Tourist Draw


The house is such a draw that city officials have had to get involved, restricting parking in the area and attempting to keep both fans and neighborhood residents happy. "While the owner of this location from The Goonies is a fan of the movie and enjoys chatting with visitors making the trek to Astoria to see the film locations, as you can imagine, it gets hard having hundreds of people crowding into your personal space every single day," the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce wrote on Facebook.

Three Bedrooms, $1.65 Million


The home's Zillow listing indicates that the 3,486-square-foot residence was built in 1896. It includes three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, an unfinished basement, and wood flooring throughout. Bay and ocean views are visible from the home. The asking price is $1.65 million. "Whoever buys the house is going to have a relatively steady stream of extremely happy people walking up outside to fulfill their childhood dreams," said Miller.

Social Media Responds


"Looks like someone put a lot of money into a renovation, it's a beautiful home inside," said Reddit user @BigSkoonChungus. Redditor @Duff_McLaunchpad said he knew the current owners and had stayed in the home. The owners "definitely knew it was the Goonies house and was part of the reason they bought it," he said. "I don't think they ever regretted it but I can say being there and watching how many people constantly walk up to take pictures was weird. I wouldn't like it personally. We got up in the morning and were having coffee and every 2 minutes there'd be a new group out front doing the truffle shuffle and what not." "I have truffle shuffled on that porch before, " wrote Redditor @mummerlimn. "The owner was very kind!"

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