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10 Most Embarrassing Ways People Have Gone Viral This Year

These videos will live forever.

Andy Warhol once said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." These days, with smartphones doubling as cameras, instant fame is accessible via the click of a button—and it isn't always pretty.

Whether it's pratfalls, dance fails, or just plain clumsiness, sometimes the most embarrassing moments are caught on video forever—and for some lucky or unlucky folks, those moments are watched by thousands, if not millions. Here are the 10 most mortifying ways people have gone viral this year.

Let Them Eat Cake


A wedding guest was caught eating the top of a wedding cake, usually the part reserved for the bride and groom to take home. The guest had a good attitude about her blunder, posting it online and apologizing.


My apologies to the bride & groom

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Fainting During Ride


A woman in Australia was left mortified after she passed out on a slingshot ride. The woman was clearly terrified and went unconscious, before waking up again and hyperventilating. "Trust me to pass out on the slingshot," she says.

Wine Fail


A woman found herself absolutely drenched in red wine after taking an overenthusiastic sip, spilling it all over her face and down her front. She did burst out laughing—after all, what else can you do after that?

Gym Embarrassment


A man had his personal trainer in stitches after he couldn't stop passing wind during weight lifting. The man was spotted by the trainer, who couldn't control his reaction to the incident.

Dramatic Wedding Fail


A bride and groom were trying to take the ultimate gorgeous "wedding" shot when disaster struck. A huge wave came up behind where they were standing on a giant rock, drenching them. That will be a photo to remember.


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Dirty Dancing


A couple attempting the famous Dirty Dancing "lift" got it slightly wrong. Not only did the woman falls backward over the man's head, but she also ended up in her underwear.

Fuelling Car

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A woman misjudged the distance needed to fuel her car at a gas station, and hilarity ensued. She probably won't make that mistake again!



A mother and daughter went viral after getting into trouble on a bounce house. The mother accidentally got her daughter's hair caught in the velcro, with unfortunate results.

Diving Disaster


A man trying to dive off a board at a pool couldn't quite pull it off. Although, in his defense, he did bounce off the board and into the water!

Face First Into a Boat

A man attempting a stunt on a boat will probably never live this one down. He almost had it… until he misjudged the timing and landed face first.

Austin unfortunately did not have it (@renji.bijoy/IG) #fail #epicfail #hospitalflip

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