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Florida Woman Goes on a Rampage and Stomps on Car Windshield in Bizarre Road Rage Incident 

Gunshots follow fender-bender.

Road rage can get scary very quickly, and that's what apparently happened in Tampa, Florida, this week. After a man and woman got in a minor crash with a person in a Chevy sedan, they shot at the victim, authorities said. A driver in another lane of stopped traffic took video of what followed: The duo went on a rampage and are seen trying to break the vehicle's windows, with the woman climbing onto the front hood. Read on to see the video and find out what happened next. 

What the Video Shows

FHP Tampa/Twitter

In the video, the woman is seen pummeling the driver's side window with her fists. A man who's with her smacks a back passenger window with a cylindrical object then stalks away as the woman climbs onto the vehicle's hood and stomps on the windshield repeatedly. As the video ends, the car's windows are unbroken, and the duo returns to their car—but not before ripping off the sedan's door handle. 

"FHP is asking for help to identify a man & woman seen just after 5:00 PM on April 11 attacking a Brandon woman at US-301 & MLK Blvd following a minor crash after initially shooting at the victim. Anyone w/ info is asked to call *FHP or **TIPS," the Florida Highway Patrol tweeted. 

"Altercation," Gunshots Followed Fender-Bender

According to WFLA, the Florida Highway Patrol says the 60-second video was recorded by a bystander in the area of U.S. 301 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, but the altercation began a short distance away after a minor crash. "Following that crash, an altercation occurred between the two parties involved, and a black male and a black female got out of the vehicle and shot at the victim: In this case, a 31-year-old Brandon woman," said Sgt. Steve Gaskins with the Highway Patrol.

"Very Scary, Very Terrifying," Officer Says

FHP Tampa/Twitter

One of the attackers fired shots at the victim before she sped off, he said. The man and woman then followed the victim and caught up to her while she was stuck in traffic. "A situation like this, very scary, very terrifying, for the victims in this case. The best advice we can give you, try to remain calm, call law enforcement, call 911, try to get away from the situation," said Gaskins.

Bystanders Intervene

FHP Tampa/Twitter

The woman recording the video can be heard yelling to the man and woman, "Call the cops! You're gonna go to jail!" and "If she hit you and kept going, that's a charge!" Gaskins said other bystanders shouted at the man and woman to stop, and they were able to defuse the situation somewhat. "The victim in this case was not injured. The car was not struck by any rounds, but of course she is terrified. She's nervous," said Gaskins.

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People on Social Media Compliment Car Windows


Commenters on the Highway Patrol's Twitter post weighed in on the incident. "Isn't society wonderful," one man tweeted. "Ok, I know this is bad form, but what kind of windows are these that they didn't break? Good gracious. Might need to upgrade my car with them," joked another. "People need to think twice about running up on someone with a gun. In a couple months, permitless carry will be legal," another commenter pointed out.

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