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Florida Woman Admits She Set House on Fire After Fight With Roommates

A 12-year-old disabled child was asleep in the house.

A woman in Florida was arrested after she admitted to setting her house on fire following a fight with her roommates. Aunna Allen, 50, was charged with battery and arson in a dramatic incident that caused her roommates—including a 12-year-old child—to flee the house in the middle of the night and place a panicked call to 911, afraid the house might explode. Read on to find out more, including an excerpt of that 911 call. 

"I'm Outta Here"

Collier County Sheriff's Office

Allen's roommates told deputies they had gotten into an argument. Allen then began striking another resident in his head, arms, and back with her fists. The victim pushed Allen away, causing her to fall to the floor and later walk away, the police report says. She then went to her bedroom. A few minutes later, she left and said, "F**k you all, I'm outta here," documents say. One of her roommates said Allen was drunk at the time, and this was typical behavior when she had been drinking, police documents say.

911 Call: House "Could Blow Up"


Moments after Allen left, the residents noticed heavy smoke and flames coming from Allen's room. They rushed outside and called 911, concerned about oxygen tanks in the home.  WINK News published a snippet of the 911 call:

Dispatcher: "How did she start the house on fire?"

911 caller: "I don't know, but there's smoke coming out of the back bedroom, and it's pouring out."

Dispatcher: "Is everyone out of the house? "

911 caller: "Yes, everybody is getting out of the house right now. There's oxygen in the house. It could blow up."

The house burned to the ground and is considered a total loss, WINK reported.

"I Flicked a Cigarette"


When investigators asked her about how the fire started, Allen said, "It was me throwing the cigarette, sir… I was just like pissed the f***k off," police documents state. According to the police, Allen told the deputy interviewing her that she saw the fire "but didn't care." She added: "I got into a confrontation, I flicked a cigarette, I seen ambers of a small fire, I said, OK, let it burn, I don't care, and I kept walking," according to her arrest report.

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Fire Intentional, Deputies Say


Investigators determined the fire was set intentionally in a bedroom closet in a pile of clothing and books. A butane lighter was found close by, a police report says. "The most probable cause of the fire is the intentional application of a portable heat source to readily available combustible materials (clothing and books) in the closet," a detective said.

Deputies said a 12-year-old disabled child was asleep in the house at the time of the incident. The child and a number of pets made it out safely. The police report noted that one of the other residents had visible cuts, bruises and scratches to both his shoulders, left bicep, back, and forehead. A witness told authorities that about two years earlier, Allen set her belongings on fire when they lived together in North Carolina, the police report says.

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