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A "Cold-Blooded" Ex-Girlfriend Who Murdered USPS Worker While He Was Delivering Mail Gets Life in Prison

The two were battling over custody of their young son, who now has no parents. 

On October 13, 2021, a USPS postal worker, Jason Schaefer, was shot dead while delivering mail in Colorado, shocking the community of Boulder, Colorado. The following day a woman, his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his child, 26-year-old ex-girlfriend Devan Schreiner of Fort Collins, was arrested and charged in connection to the crime. This week a jury found the young woman guilty of committing the heinous crime, and she will go away to prison for the rest of her life. 

Schaefer Was Murdered While Delivering Mail


The fatal shooting happened in the middle of the day back in 2021 in the Somerset Meadows neighborhood of Boulder. According to police at the time, a person approached Schaefer while he was at a group of mailboxes, shot him several times, and ran off. He died at the scene.

Schreiner Was an Immediate Suspect and Arrested the Following Day


When the postmaster initially arrived at the scene, he suspected Schreiner. "Did the baby mama do it?" he asked. The FBI and local police searched for the suspect with a description from witnesses, arresting the woman, now 27, the following day and charging her with first-degree murder. 

They Were in the Midst of Custody Battles


Devan tried to set up an alibi, telling investigators that she ate pizza rolls prior to the shooting and returned to work after the meal. According to prosecutors, the suspect and victim were battling over the custody of the child they shared. 

On Tuesday, after a jury of her peers found her guilty of the horrible crime, Judge Patrick Butler immediately sentenced her to serve life in prison without parole. Boulder-area District Attorney Michael Dougherty called Schreiner "a cold-blooded murderer."

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She "Took Steps to Get Away with This Brutal Murder"


"She took steps to get away with this brutal murder, but she underestimated two things. First, the victim was very much loved by his family and co-workers; the information and support they provided was critical," the DA reportedly said. "Also, the US Postal Inspectors and Longmont detectives brought their best efforts and, along with our prosecution team, ensured justice was done. As always, we appreciate the time and service of the jurors."

According to 9News, prosecutors read a victim impact statement from Schaefer's mother, maintaining that she has "not slept" since the murders and the family's lives have been "destroyed forever" – including the 7-year-old who has lost both of his parents. 

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