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Disney Performer Catches Her Boyfriend "Cheating" on Cruise Ship Security Camera

Woman confronts her boyfriend after catching him cheating and records the moment she caught him live. 

There's nothing more devastating than finding out your partner is cheating, except watching them in the act. That's what happened to one woman and she documented the experience in a series of viral videos on TikTok. Influencer and Disney performer Kayla Gardner was on a Carnival cruise when her friend noticed Gardner's boyfriend with another woman on the ship's CCTV live footage. Viewers got a front row seat to her reaction and what happened next. 

Cheater Caught in a Big Lie


In the first video captioned "How to catch a cheater on a cruise ship," Gardner explains how her boyfriend said he was going to get food, but he was really meeting up with another woman. "The most gut-wrenching and heart-racing moment in life is when you go on a cruise and your man says he's hungry. He's going get some food, so you stay behind in the cabin with your friend to get ready. " By chance, the two saw the CCTV footage, thanks to Gardner's friend. 

"She's flipping through the TV and comes to the channel that shows what's happening live on each deck of the ship," the influencer explains. "She notices your man not getting food, but getting another woman's number, flirting with her, putting his arm around her." 

They Recorded the CCTV Footage For "Receipts"


In the clip, Gardner explains how her friend jumped into action and recorded the footage, so her boyfriend couldn't deny anything. "Your friend recorded the whole thing for receipts. How do you confront a man without receipts? He'll just deny the whole thing. So you get to relive that moment over and over because you can't help but to watch it a million times and pray for a different outcome."

Cheater Exposed


In a TikTok, which has over 13.5 million views, Gardner shows the moment she found out her boyfriend was cheating. In the 24 second clip, the CCTV footage that passengers can watch inside their cabin is filmed. You hear Gardner and her friend in shock over seeing Gardner's boyfriend with another woman. "Who is she? It looks just like him," one of them says. As he moves closer to the woman and puts his arm around her, both scream "oh my God!" One viewer commented, "Carnival cruise doing the lord's work." Another responded, "The ship says I got you sis." Someone else commented, "Ummm… I would be THANKING them that there's cameras after this!!!"

Gardner is on a Mission to Track Down her Boyfriend


In the third installment of the drama Gardner is seen screaming at the TV when she sees her boyfriend getting the other woman's number. She's screaming, "oh my God! Nope. I'll be right back." She starts to run out of the room, but comes right back and gets on a walkie-talkie, telling a group of friends there's a "911" emergency. "We have a 911 on the upper Lido deck," she said before screaming again due to the couple hugging. "911 everybody goes to the upper Lido deck right now!"

There's No Big Showdown


There's no confrontation and we don't see what happens next. However, there's a fourth video titled "cruise cheater part four" that shows footage of a fire and rescue boat near the ship searching the water, and viewers can draw their own conclusion as to what took place. "Use your power of deductive reasoning to piece together what happened … not tryna (sic) incriminate myself but," Gardner wrote. 

Gardner is Now Single


While viewers didn't get the confrontation they were hoping for, Gardner did reveal she's single. In one video she's throwing her ex-boyfriend's clothes out the window. In the next clip she has a cheeky way of telling people she's no longer in a relationship. "Good evening passengers, this is your captain Hot Girl Summer speaking," she says in a walkie-talkie. "Thank you for joining us on the Carnival cruise … as we begin to prepare for takeoff please make sure your feelings are on airplane mode and your ex is left on read." 

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