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Cheerleader Is Ejected From Basketball Game After Shoving Player Who Got in Her Way

Security escorted her off the court.

A Mississippi Valley State cheerleader was escorted off the court at a basketball game after physically confronting an Alabama A&M player mid-game. Athlete Dailin Smith apparently got too close to the cheerleader while she was performing her routine, and he was inbounding the ball, and she didn't hesitate to confront him. The whole incident was caught on camera: Here's what the video footage shows and what commentators had to say

Split-Second Brief Encounter

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The incident happened when Smith made contact with the cheerleader during the second half of the game. Video footage shows the girl doing her routine very close to the court, and at one point, it looked like Smith backed into her for a split second. The game continued at this point without any drama. 

Physical Altercation Mid-Game

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Footage shows the cheerleader standing on the sidelines for a minute before walking onto the court and shoving Smith on the shoulder to get his attention. She then spoke to him, but exactly what she was saying was unclear. Commentators for the game were baffled by her behavior. 

Confusion Among the Commentators

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The commentators were trying to make sense of what they were seeing. "The Alabama A&M coach, he's fussing and cussing," said Caleb Brunson. Fellow commentator Andre Williams said the Mississippi Valley Coach was "losing it." Brunson then notes, "They're gonna put one of the cheerleaders out of the game."

Cheerleader Is Escorted Off the Court

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Footage shows a large team of security approaching the cheerleader to escort her off the court. One put his arm around her shoulder and looked as if he was telling her she had to leave. The cheerleader was allowed to grab her jacket before making an exit.

"The Mississippi Valley State University student involved is extremely apologetic about the incident and has written a sincere apology acknowledging her mistake. MVSU officials will be reaching out to Alabama A&M officials," MVSU officials said in a statement.

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What Was the Cheerleader Doing?

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Alabama A&M won the game 70-68. Some Twitter commenters believe the cheerleader was the one to instigate the incident. "As several have said, she timed the jump kick first, looked over her shoulder and aimed right at him for some reason," one person said. "Tried really hard to kick then entered the court and pushed him. No other cheerleader was cheering at that moment while the players were near."

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