This Tiny Cat Uses Dog's Big Ears as Comfy Blanket and Reddit Loves It

The adorable video is going viral for a furry good reason.

The internet isn't always a warm and fuzzy place. In fact, it can be downright brutal. From depressing news stories and political divide to social media pressure, oftentimes we can step away from technology feeling worse than we did before. This is why adorable pet videos go viral. No matter where you live, what you believe in, how many followers you have, or how old you are, the universal cuteness of super fury, innocent, and loving little creatures have the ability to tug at your heartstrings. This week, two animals are winning the internet: A beagle puppy, with big floppy ears, and a little gray cat who gets to take a nap under them. 

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Hey, Where Did My Comfy Blanket Go?

"Hey where did my comfy blanket go," a brief clip of a kitten's catnap underneath their beagle buddy's ear, which gets slightly lifted up by a human only to flop back down again, is getting shared and reshared on Reddit, and people are loving it to say the least. 

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The Clip Originated From an Instagram Account, The Beagle and the Bun

The backstory on the two pals: Originally, Chloe the beagle, a lover of other animals, had a bunny BFF, and the two were equally inseparable. They played together, went out in the snow posed next to snowmen, took car rides, and of course, cuddled. Hence the name of the account, The Beagle and the Bun. 

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Clea the Kitty Then Joined the Crew

Recently, the duo became a trio when Senna the basset hound was introduced to the family. They say "three's a crowd," but clearly not in this case! For more adorable videos of the three, head over to the Beagle and the Bun's Instagram account. 

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