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This is the Queen's No. 1 Favorite Meal, According to Her Chef

Her favorite meal might surprise you. 

Royals, they aren't just like us. They have personal chefs, nutritionists, and the finest cuisine at their fingertips, all served off fine, priceless china. So, what does the highest ranking British royal fancy for an ideal meal? Queen Elizabeth's former chef, Darren McGrady, recently revealed her favorite meal during a conversation with Coffee Friend. 

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Afternoon Tea Is Reportedly the Queen's Favorite Meal

Pouring tea from vintage teapot to the cup.

Per McGrady, her favorite meal isn't breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but an in-between meal. "The Queen had afternoon tea every day, wherever she was in the world. If we were at Buckingham Palace and she was on her own for tea, or whether she had Prince William come and join her, or whether she had a garden party for 6000 people or even if she was on the Royal Britannia in Australia," the chef dished. "The Queen loved afternoon tea, I would say it's probably one of her favourite meals. Certainly, when I was there, she would sit down religiously for tea." Keep reading to see what else she eats throughout the day.

She Also Reportedly Likes Cereal for Breakfast

Cereal bowl with fruits.

In case you are curious what other meals the Queen enjoys, her former chefs have revealed many details over the years. The Telegraph reports that Her Majesty enjoys cereal and fruit for breakfast. Her favorites? Kellogg's, Quaker Oats, Weetabix, and Special K, per McGrady.

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She Reportedly Eats a Simple Lunch

Hands of woman eating fish

For lunch the Queen generally pairs a protein with a carb. McGrady told The Telegraph that grilled Dover sole or Scottish salmon paired with spinach and zucchini is a go-to lunch. She also might eat a salad with grilled chicken.  "When she dines on her own, she's very disciplined," McGrady said, per Bustle, "No starch is the rule." ​​

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Chocolate Is Reportedly Her Guilty Pleasure

Dark chocolate coated half digestive biscuit with chocolate cookies and chips for loved ones valentines day celebration.

Her guilty pleasure? Chocolate, "she loves it," McGrady told The Telegraph. Chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache sponge cake are a few of her go-to. She really loves dark chocolate, McGrady told Reader's Digest. "She's not a big fan of milk or white chocolate," he added. 

She Reportedly Eats a Meaty Dinner

Roast partridge and pheasant.

The Queen is most definitely a carnivore. For dinner she usually dines on beef, venison, pheasant, or salmon, all sourced locally from farms in Sandringham and Balmoral. 

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