Alex Murdaugh's Key Defense Strategies Revealed

His attorneys presented new information during court on Wednesday

The Alex Murdaugh trial continues to captivate the nation. While the prosecution continues presenting evidence that the former South Carolina attorney murdered his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, his lawyers maintain his innocence. "Alex looks forward to this opportunity to clear his name of these heinous charges so that the Attorney General can finally begin looking for the actual killer or killers of Alex's beloved wife and son," his lawyers Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin stated right before the trial started last month. This week, the defense disputed a key piece of evidence in the case against their client, adding to their defense strategy that has been presented during the trial. 

The Blue Raincoat with Gun Residue

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The blue raincoat/tarp found at Alex's mother's home days after the murder has been a hot topic during the trial this week. The prosecution maintains that the blue raincoat was covered in gunshot residue, likely from Alex shooting Maggie and Paul. However, according to the defense attorney, Jim Griffin, the raincoat was several years old and could have accumulated gun residue in any number of ways over the years. 

There Were Two Shooters, the Defense Claims


The defense is also attempting to establish that because two different guns were used to kill Maggie and Paul, there were likely two shooters. "I know you weren't there. None of us were there. We're trying to figure out what happened that night and clearly, one reasonable explanation is two shooters. One explanation," said Harpootlian. "One, yes," responded SLED Special Agent Melinda Worley.

Alex Says He Wasn't at Home When His Family Was Murdered

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From day one, Alex has maintained that he wasn't home at the time the murders took place. He claims he was in the main house sleeping while his wife and son were at the dog kennels. Then, he claims to have called his family to tell them he was leaving to go visit his mother.

He Was Wearing a White T-Shirt with Zero Blood on It

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Another piece of evidence in question is the white t-shirt Alex claims he was wearing on the day of the murders. The defense maintains that if he killed his wife and son, there would be blood all over it. However, the prosecution is attempting to prove to the jury that Murdaugh changed his shirt after murdering his family. However, one witness claims his shirt smelled "freshly laundered" meaning he hadn't been wearing it long. 

Alex Had Good Relationships with His Wife and Kids, the Defense Claims

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In opening statements, Harpootlian described Murdaugh as a loving husband and father who had great relationships with his wife and kids. He used Paul's Snapchat video of the group laughing together as proof that it is "not believable" that Murdaugh could have killed him a short time later.

There Are No Eyewitness' or Forensic Evidence

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The biggest threat to the prosecution is the lack of hard evidence. During opening statements, Harpootlian pointed out to the jury there were no eyewitnesses to the shootings, no murder weapons, and no forensic evidence such as fingerprints or blood tying Alex to the scene.

Alex Didn't Have Enough Time to Kill His Family, the Defense Claims


Harpootlian maintains that the prosecution's timeline doesn't make sense because he didn't have enough time to kill his family, get rid of the evidence, and go to his mom's house. "He didn't do it. He is innocent," Harpootlian concluded. "He would require a verdict of not guilty from you. That's the law. That's your oath."

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