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"Absolutely Devastated" King Charles is "Hopeful" for Reconciliation With Prince Harry, Royal Expert Claims

Will Prince Harry call a truce with his father? According to new reports, it is likely. 

The death of Queen Elizabeth was a pivotal moment for the Royal Family. Not only did it change the overall structure of the family, with everyone moving a step closer to the throne, but it brought the entire family together – including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – who have maintained little contact with the family ever since they left for America in 2020 and abandoned their roles as working members of the family. Some people were hoping that the physical reunion would result in a reconciliation between Harry and the rest of his family. However, when he and his wife returned to the United States, it didn't seem as though a truce was in the cards. Now, according to one expert, King Charles is "hopeful" that a reconciliation is in the the near future. 

King Charles Is Distraught Over Their Broken Relationship


According to Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown, the King is distraught over the estranged relationship with his younger son. She explains to Fox News Digital that he is hopeful that something can be done to repair the damage. 

However, He Is "Hopeful" for a Reconciliation


"He is hopeful that there will be a reconciliation. I think we saw that in the very public olive branches that were extended to Harry and Meghan," Nicholl said. "If you think back just a couple of years around the time of the wedding, the relationship between Harry and his father was, I think, probably better than it ever had been."

The King Extended an Olive Branch

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The "olive branch" Nicholl is referring to was the kind words the King extended to Harry and Meghan when he first addressed the nation as the new reigning royal. However, others believe that he only mentioned them as a PR stunt. 

After the Funeral He Saw Flickers of Hope

Prince Charles

"It remains the case that the King loves both of his children. Over the last 16 days or so, there were tremendous flickers of hope. In terms of the future, there is hope of a cause for unity," a source previously told The Daily Telegraph

He Has a Photo of Harry and Meghan in His Meeting Room

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Another sign that the King still has Harry and Meghan close to his heart, is that he has their wedding photo displayed in his meeting room. During a video of the King greeting Prime Minister Liz Truss, the photo can be seen displayed in the room. 

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