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6 Most Common Secrets People Keep, Therapist Reveals

Emma Mahony opens up about the topics people keep secret from their loved ones. 

According to recent statistics, in 2020, 51.2% of U.S. females and 37.5% of males received mental health services. One of the most common treatments for mental health? Therapy. Many people feel more comfortable discussing their problems with a stranger than with their friends and family. And, according to one therapist, there are a few topics in particular that people are more likely to keep a secret from their loved ones. Here are 7 of the secrets your friend or family member may be hiding from you. 

"A lot of people aren't talking about it"


Emma Mahony, a mental health therapist, reveals that there are several topics people find taboo when discussing their issues with loved ones. In a new online video she offers the "scoop" about what they are. "I know this because I'm a therapist so I know all these things but I know that a lot of people aren't talking about it amongst their friends," she said. 

Marriages With No Action

Young caucasian man with a beard looking unhappy and annoyed while sitting on the couch during an argument with his wife at home. Bored man sitting and thinking on the couch.

One of the main issues that people aren't likely to open up about is their intimate life – or lack thereof one. "There's a lot of shame around this and a lot of people don't know how to approach this with their partner and don't know if they even want to work on it with them," she explained.   "(They) feel like they can't bring it up with their friends because [their intimate life] is such an integral part of a relationship but it's completely lacking from theirs."

Relief About the Death of a Loved One


Another topic people tend to keep to themselves is feeling relief when someone with a long illness dies. "A lot of people struggle with feeling like they're not allowed to feel a sense of relief now that they don't have to take care of this person anymore," she said. 

Moms Who Aren't Loving Parenthood


Finally, she said she meets lots of moms who feel guilty for not enjoying motherhood more. "They don't want to be a mum sometimes and they wish they could turn back time and not have kids," Emma said. "People are afraid to tell other mums this because it's the best thing in their life but also they hate it so much sometimes."

Struggles with Alcohol


Another topic people are likely to keep to themselves, according to the therapist? Their relationship with Alcohol. 

Feeling Under Appreciated


She also maintains that people are likely to not discuss feeling like their partner does not understand or appreciate how much they're doing for the family.

Deciding Whether to Leave a Partner


The debate of whether or nto to leave a long-term relationship is usually an internal struggle, says Emma, and people are less likely to talk about it with those they are closest to. 

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