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Man Watched Football While Wife Was in Labor and She Defended Him, "You Do You"

Woman stands up to the haters who criticized her partner for watching football during her labor.

A new mom is defending her partner after going viral for a video that was supposed to be funny. Louise Tilly joked about how her baby's father was watching football while she was in labor and not everyone took it as lighthearted as she meant. People flooded the comment section with hateful remarks and Tilly is hitting back. 

The Viral Clip


In the six second viral video captioned, "Taking football isn't just football to a new level," Tilly is in a hospital bed and she slowly pans the camera to show her partner sitting at the foot of her bed intensely watching a game on an iPad while inhaling what looked like gas, which many people mentioned in their comments. So far, the clip has been viewed 4.1 million times with over 314,000 likes and 1,400 comments. 

Tilly Would Tease Her Partner About Going Into Labor During a Game


Throughout her pregnancy, Tilly would tease her partner about giving birth while his team was playing–then it happened. In the quick clip she wrote, "When I joked about going into labour whilst his football team were playing the entire pregnancy and then I actually did, so this was our set up."

Some Viewers Saw the Humor


Many people could relate to Tilly's video and shared their own personal stories. "I watched the Euros England v Germany game while I was in labour," one commenter wrote.  "Some of these comments 😂 my partner was the same, labour can be lonnggg & a waiting game!," one person wrote. "I have an amazing partner and he's such a good dad too." Another added, "I don't see anything wrong if their both fine and if he is there for his wife when it become serious. No problem just chillin until the baby wants out," to which Tilly responded, "Exactly what happened, when I needed him he was doing everything I needed and more, right here we was just chill." 

Not Everyone Took the Video as a Joke

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Both men and women took issue with Tilly's partner watching football while she was in labor. "I'd honestly be fuming, this is why I don't date football fans," wrote another. "He could grow up and realise there's more to life than a football game, especially when his kid is about to be born," wrote one user.  "I would never do this to my wife bringing me a child," one man wrote. " "Good for you nick👍🏼 however he enjoyed his 10 mins before turning it off and I was happy watching storage wars, u do you," Tilly responded. "I'm just saying…when my wife gave birth i was with her whole time and cleaned house and did everything to make it easy for her and baby to get rest," he replied back. But Tilly stood her ground and said, "And that's great but he was with me the whole time to🤷🏼‍♀️our family prepped the house for our arrival, just cos he watched football for 10 mins. In another comment she added, "Sorry who's not worth the attention?😂 take your petty comments someone else making judgements." Another added, "That's sad." Tilly shot back, "I didn't find it sad, I feel more people r bothered than myself who was actually there." 

"Everyone is Different"


There were so many negative comments that Tilly did a follow up video with her adorable baby and said, "Everyone is different. This is how me and my partner went into me giving birth. I wasn't giving birth at the time of that video, but the way people are acting as if my son was being pushed out and then his dad just sat watching football. That wasn't it. I was watching Storage Hunters, I was making TikToks, and he was watching football. I provided him with the iPad." 

Watching Football Was Planned Ahead


Tilly went on to share that she was "induced" the day before and they knew Liverpool was going to be playing "potentially when this was here was arriving." She continued, "Long story short, as soon as I started having contractions and I was in pain, he turned football off and he was there for me." She added, "Sorry I didn't film him rubbing my feet."

The Gas and Air


In the first clip, Tilly's partner is seen using the gas near her bed and people couldn't stop commenting about it. "My partner is already talking about stealing some of my gas and air when I go into labour😂 why are they like this," she joked? Tilly responded, "Both him and my mum tried it, it's just fun and games." Another added, "And on the gas and air! Must be the final," which Tilly replied, "I think it was a final or important game tbh." Someone else teased, "Must be a Chelsea fan if he has the gas and air." Another asked, "Was the match traumatic for him that day?, and Tilly joked, "As u can tell he needed gas and air to help get through it."  


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