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How You Can Get an Invitation to King Charles's Coronation

Here is exactly what you need to do to score a place on the guest list.

l WilWill The Coronation of King Charles will undoubtedly be one of the most high-profile events of the decade. After all, crowning a new King or Queen is a once or a twice in a lifetime event. Buckingham Palace announced that the crowning ceremony will occur on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

While reports claim Charles is gravitating toward a scaled-down coronation compared to his predecessors, cutting down the guest list from 8,000 to around 2,000, there is still room for extra people to be invited. And guess what? You might make the guest list.

You Can Apply for an "Invite"


You can actually fill out an application form for an invitation to the King's coronation. However, if you read the fine print there is one major caveat: You need to have an ancestry that performed a role at a previous coronation – and you need to "show your connection" to that ancestor.

You Need to Prove Your Ancestor Played a Role in a Previous Coronation


Fill out a downloadable form available on the Coronation Claims Office before February 3, and prove right to perform a ceremonial role on May 6. Once filled out, send the form in via mail or email. After consulting with "ecclesiastical experts from Lambeth Palace and ceremonial experts from the Royal Household," you might get your name on the list. 

You Could Perform a "Historic or Ceremonial Role"

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"In line with His Majesty's wish for the event to be rooted in tradition but reflective of today, and in accordance with Government advice, a Coronation Claims Office has been created within the Cabinet Office to consider claims to perform a historical or ceremonial role," the website reads.

Then, the Coronation Claims Office Will Analyze Your Application

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"When looking at claims, the Coronation Claims Office will consider matters including whether somebody performed the role or service in 1953 or not, what the basis is for it, and the claimant's connection to those who previously performed the role or service," the website says.

The Office Will Consult Experts


The office will also do its research. "Officials from the Coronation Claims Office will consult with ecclesiastical experts from Lambeth Palace and ceremonial experts from the Royal Household when considering claims."

The Ceremony is to be "Rooted in Tradition and Pageantry"

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"His Majesty The King's Coronation will be a momentous occasion in the history of our country. The new Coronation Claims Office will ensure we fulfill The King's wish that the ceremony is rooted in tradition and pageantry but also embraces the future," said Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Oliver Dowden about the process. 

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