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Husband Smashes Cake Into Wife's Face at Son's 1st Birthday, Causes Outrage

She says they are a "family at the end of the day."

Your child's first birthday is not only a happy celebration, but a milestone for the parents. It's an important moment to highlight, but for one couple the joyful event turned into an ugly memory that's gone viral and has sparked a conversation about consent and listening to what your partner says. A Tampa, Florida woman lit up the internet when she posted a video of her husband smashing a cake in her face after telling him not to. She was flooded with comments urging her to leave her husband and while she wasn't happy with his behavior, she believes things were taken too far and explained how they're a "family at the end of the day."

The Viral Video


The video that's buzzing around social media shows the woman's husband shoving their son's cake in her face after he wasn't so into it. She captioned the TikTok, "The time I wanted to choke my husband for putting out son smash cake in my face, surrounded by my family I had just met for the first time."  

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The Florida mom was really looking forward to getting a few nice family photos of the special occasion, but only got one. She wrote, "I had long looked forward to our son's 1st party and the family pictures… we didn't get but one photo before i had to shower. Not sure why he thought this was a good idea… I cried like a baby at the memories lost, cake was even cut while I showered. If he does this ever again, he won't live to talk about it."

The Woman Didn't Think She Could Have Children


In a follow up clip where the woman, who uses the handle @candie1983, explains how things have gotten out of hand since posting the viral video, she explained she didn't think she could have children. So her son's first birthday party was a big deal. "We got married in 2021 in the middle of COVID and then shortly afterwards found out we were pregnant. I've had 15 miscarriages. We're a blended family and I wasn't supposed to be able to have any." She continued, 'I was counting down to that first birthday and marking it with some beautiful family photos."

"We're a Family"


The woman explained how she was really taken back by many of the comments on her video, and how much attention it's received. She wasn't expecting the TikTok to go viral and called for kindness. "Kindness got far–it really does. We're a family at the end of the day. We have issues like everybody else, but be kind. You guys are tearing each other apart."

"We All Make Mistakes"


In a third video about the cake smashing viral moment, the woman explained how "we all make mistakes" and that "living in grace is having mercy and forgiveness for others." She went on to say she meant no "harm" or "malice" in posting the video and learned to be careful what you post on the internet. "Who would ever think a cake video when I had no followers, no nothing, would take off the way it did." 

People Are Outraged By the Husband's Behavior


Viewers of the video are shocked by the husband's behavior and over 11,000 people have commented so far. "Divorce immediately," one TikTok user wrote. Another added,  "As someone who was married to someone like this for 18 years, you'll understand one day. You deserve so much more than this." Another viewer wrote, "Walking,talking RED flag!" Someone else wrote, "I will never understand people who find humor in publicly humiliating their spouses." Another TikToker commented, "Your feelings are 1000% valid. Sure, everyone has different senses of humor but he should've respected yours and how important this moment was to you." Another person stated, "You said no. The reason doesn't matter. This would've been upsetting to me too." Someone else wrote, "I simply wouldn't get over this," to which @candie1983 replied, "I haven't, nearly a year… i haven't, i think it was the turn we haven't recovered from. I'm trying thou." Another wrote, "Hopefully, @candie1983's husband — and partners around the world — will learn from this viral moment that "No" always means "No," even when it comes to cake."

Some People Thought the Video Was "Cute"



Some viewers didn't see the big deal and defended the husband. "Why is everyone pressed? It's just cake chill out lol," wrote one TikToker. "It seems like he was just trying to have fun and mess around…someone else wrote. Another added, "I feel like this was a cute video? I even hear him say 'you sure?' And you say no while smiling but then stick ur tongue out. Simple miscommunication." 

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