Homeowners Discover 126-Year-Old Water Well Hidden Beneath Kitchen Floor

Couple finds a 20-foot well in their newly purchased home and people are amazed.

A couple who finds a mysterious old well buried in the kitchen of their 19th-century home in Malvern Hills of England and has grabbed the attention of millions. So far over 5.5 million viewers tuned in to see Emma Harrison, 28, and her partner Rhys Stainer, 27, unearth the discovery and people are amazed by the unique "feature". 

Homeowners Recently Bought the Property


The couple recently purchased the home and found the well "in amazing condition," during the viewing of the house, which Newsweek reports will get a  $124,900 facelift. The pair "straight into renovations" and are documenting their experience on their TikTik account @victoriahouseinthehillls.

The Home Was Built in 1897


The couple researched the home's history and learned it's 126 years old. "We absolutely love period properties and this feature was a great find,"  Harrison told NeedToKnow.co.uk, The Daily Mail reports. She added, "The well had unfortunately been ordered over by the previous owners and wasn't on show, but you can pop up the floorboard. We assume from our research it was built at the same time as the house to provide the original house with a water supply. The house was built in 1897."

Only Had the Keys to the House Minutes Before Exploring the Well


In the viral video, the pair explain how they weren't homeowners long before trying to learn more about the well. "This is one of the coolest features we've found. In the middle of the kitchen under the floor is a huge well. We got the keys about ten minutes ago and we're straight in there to have a good look."

How the Couple Measured How Deep the Well Is


Harrison explains in the clip that they didn't know how deep the well was, so they tried an unconventional method to measure. "We have no idea how deep the well is, so my Christmas mug is going on a journey, she said. 'We're going to lower it down to see if we hit the bottom." She went on to say that the well was 20 feet deep, "which is just crazy."

Their Plans for the Well


The two are just starting the renovation process, but already have a vision for the well. "We'd love to put a glass top on this and put some lights in it, and really make it feature." 

What Was Found in the Well


So far the couple haven't drained the well, but they did put a magnet inside and pulled a few things out. In a separate clip captioned "magnet fishing," Stainer stands above the well and dangles a magnet down revealing what they discovered. 'We hit the jackpot quite early," Harrison said. The "jackpot" turned out to be rusty nails and a piece of metal with a coin inside. After 45 minutes, the two were ready to give up until they found "the star of the show," which was an old horse shoe, which they plan on using as decor in the kitchen. 

People Are Intrigued by the Well


Almost 2,500 people commented on the clip that shows the discovery of the well and many were fascinated. "Yeeah that'll be cool with lights and glass top…" one person wrote. Another added, "Well well well that'll make a nice feature." Someone joked, "Maybe there's 400 million dollars of gold in it like Outer Banks." "Pretty cool," another commented. 

Others Were Freaked Out and Warned the Homeowners to Cover the Well


There's plenty of viewers who were excited by the unusual discovery, but there's a few who were scared for the homeowners. "Nope no no no fill it with concrete and forget. the amount of nightmares I've had about things like that it's my genuine worst fear," one person commented. Another added, 'I would move out as soon as possible." Someone else commented, "Nope! Seal all access to that. This is a safety concern for you and your family. Unsafe to even post out here," to which the creators replied, "Yes be careful not to fall through our well from your phone screen."  Another wrote, "I've always been taught that wells are spiritual portals…best of luck." Another user commented, "NO! Nooo. Nuh uh. Nooooooooooopppppppe. Bolt it closed & pray pennywise doesn't have another way out. Watch zero VHRs. Just- all the way no."


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