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Single Women Are Finding Dates at Home Depot: "Look Confused in the Lumber Aisle"

“Home Depot is where you go if you want to meet a man.”

Single women have found a novel way to meet potential husbands—by going to Home Depot to play the damsel in distress. "Delete the dating apps in 2023," says TikTok content creator Breanna Nichols. "I'm headed to Home Depot to 'look confused' in the lumber aisle." The trend has sparked interest in single ladies looking for Mr. Right, with many of them detailing their own experiences with the strategy. "Turns out, if you're looking for love, all you need to do is go to Home Depot," one says. Here's how people are responding to this tactic.

Home Depot Dating Goes Viral


The strategy has clearly hit a chord with women, with "Home Depot Dating" garnering 3.6 billion views on TikTok. Creator Megan Louise decided to test the theory for herself and was pleasantly surprised. "Home Depot is where you go if you want to meet a man. I found at least three husbands."

"Trying to Act Like I Need Help


Another TikToker made a series of posts about Home Depot dating, which have racked up more than 9 million views so far. "Not me trying to act like I need help," read the text on one image of the woman standing in front of a wall of equipment. It didn't work, but the woman was willing to try again in a different location. 

But Are These Men Single?


Some commenters questioned whether the men at Home Depot were even single. "If they are there on a weekend, definitely not married lol," one person commented. "Gotta go early. I work there and well you see some great things around 7-10," another recommended.

One Woman Got a Part Time Job at Home Depot


One woman even said she got a part-time job at Home Depot to meet men. "I found my husband at Home Depot … we been together for 8 years," one said. "That is why I got a PT job at HD … Tinder wasn't cutting it," another responded. "No boo! You gotta get there before the sun comes up. Anytime after that, you'll get the employees," said a third.

Men Target Back


Men contributed to the discussion by revealing their own strategies for finding single ladies. "That's like Target for us guys. We go in there when we don't need a damn thing sometimes," one male TikToker said.

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