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Reality Star Reveals She "Died for a Minute" During Plastic Surgery

She opens up about her near-death experience.

When Heidi Montag was just 23 and at the height of her The Hills fame, she infamously underwent ten procedures in one day, including breast implants, chin reduction, and eyebrow lift. "I was way too young to make such a life-changing decision…I wish I had waited and not made a decision so young because I have long-term health complications," she said in 2019. In a new interview, she reveals that she even "died for a minute" during her surgeries. 

Heidi Opens Up About Her Near-Death Plastic Surgery Procedures


Heidi maintains that her plastic surgeon underestimated the amount of recovery time she would need after undergoing the slew of surgeries in a single day. 

She Was Told It Would Be "A Quick Recovery"


"At the time, my surgeon was like, 'Oh, it will be a quick recovery, a few months,''' Montag told Page Six's Virtual Reali-Tea podcast.

But It Took Her "Over a Year to Heal"


 "And it took me over a year to heal. So, I could barely talk. My jaw, I had part of my chin sawed off. I mean, it was really a lot," she continued. 

During Surgery Heidi "Died Basically"


She even maintains that her heart stopped at one point. "They called [husband] Spencer [Pratt] at a point and told him I had died basically. He had to come there. I wasn't doing well," she added.

She Had Nurses Caring for Her at Home "For Months"


Montag also noted that she needed medical care when she went home. "We had to have nurses at the house for months to help me recover," she said. 

Heidi's Security Guard Called Spencer and Said, "She's Not Going to Make It."


In a 2018 interview with Paper magazine, she elaborated on the ordeal. "My security guards called Spencer and told him, 'Heidi's heart stopped. She's not going to make it.' And I easily could've."

She Also Had Issues with the Pain Medication


She also admits that the pain pills she was prescribed also were an issue. "Cutting yourself up isn't something I'd recommend, and Demerol isn't anything to play around with. That's how Michael Jackson died," she said. 

Heidi's Slow Recovery Made Shooting "The Hills" Almost Impossible


Her slow recovery also impacted her role in the final season of the reality show. "I wasn't even in a place [to film]," Montag said. "I kept saying, 'I'm not a person right now. I need to heal and recover. And I'm not doing well physically, like I'm not able to show up like I was.' I thought I'd be able to bounce back and be able to be on TV like I was after my first cosmetic surgery. But there was just way too much done, and each thing took too much time, and it hurt so bad. And I was in such an immense amount of pain." 

Sometimes She Feels Like Frankenstein

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"People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body," she added to Life & Style. "Sometimes I feel like Frankenstein, straight out of a sci-fi movie."

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Heidi and Spencer Pulled Out of the Show Halfway Through the Final Season


Ultimately, Pratt and Montag pulled out of The Hills' sixth and final season halfway through shooting. 

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