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Grammy Award-Winning Country Star Cancels Multiple Shows Due to Illness

Chris Stapleton announced the cancellation of three shows. 

Contrary to the old saying "the show must go one," when a musician is sick or struggling with a health issue they are often forced to stay home and rest – which involves canceling tour dates. This week a major country star, winner of several Grammy, Billboard, and CMA Awards was forced to cancel multiple dates on his current tour as a result of an illness. 

Chris Stapleton Was Forced to Cancel Three Tour Dates


Country singer Chris Stapleton announced on social media on Thursday that he was canceling a handful of tour dates as a result of an illness. 

He Is "Unable to Perform"


"To all my friends in Corpus Christi, Houston and Lafayette, I am very sorry to let you all know that I am unable to perform this weekend's shows," he wrote in an Instagram post. 

He Has Bronchitis and Laryngitis


"I have bronchitis and laryngitis, and on doctor's orders am on vocal rest through the weekend in order to heal."

He Rescheduled the Dates for November


"I'm grateful for your patience and understanding and hope to see you all in November," he added.

Here Are the New Concert Dates


He posted new dates for his rescheduled shows in November. His Lafayette, Louisiana show is rescheduled for Nov. 16, Nov. 17 in Houston, and Nov. 18 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

If You Can't Make It to the New Show, Contact Ticket Seller Within a Week


If you have tickets for any of the canceled shows and cannot make it to the make-up dates, he urges you to reach out to the ticket companies within the week. "For those who cannot attend, please contact your point of purchase within the next seven days," he wrote.

He Had Laryngitis in October 2021


This isn't Stapleton's first rodeo with laryngitis. In October 2021 he was placed on temporary vocal rest to recover by his physician. 

Laryngitis Usually Results in Loss of Voice


According to the NIH, Laryngitis is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the voice box (larynx). "The problem is most often associated with hoarseness or loss of voice," they say. 

It Is Usually Caused By a Virus


The most common form of laryngitis is an infection caused by a virus. It may also be caused by:


Bacterial infection


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)


Irritants and chemicals

Rest Is the Best Treatment


Because laryngitis is often caused by a virus, antibiotics aren't effective. "Resting your voice helps to reduce inflammation of the vocal cords. A humidifier may soothe the scratchy feeling that comes with laryngitis. Decongestants and pain medicines may relieve the symptoms of an upper respiratory infection," they say.

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