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Bride Erupts at Pregnant Bridesmaid Over "Dress Fitting Stress"

Bride sparks fury over her anger that one of her bridesmaids got pregnant before her wedding. 

A bride is slammed for being angry over one of her bridesmaids getting pregnant before her wedding and turned to social media to ask if she was being "unreasonable." The anonymous woman said she asked her wedding party to hold off from having babies until after her nuptials, but one of her bridesmaids did get pregnant and now she's furious. The bride posted in a wedding-focused Facebook group to plead her case and ask for advice, but screenshots were shared in the "Wedding Shaming" subreddit, a 535,400-member Reddit forum and people had plenty to say about the situation. 

"Bride is Upset She Can't Control the Family Planning of Her Wedding"


The person who grabbed the screenshots and posted to Reddit captioned the post "Bride is upset when she can't control the family planning of her party" and people are flabbergasted by the bride's mindset. "I know I can't stop anyone from becoming pregnant obviously but a big thing for me was nobody being pregnant in MY wedding," she wrote. 

The Bride Asked Her Bridal Party to Not Get Pregnant


The bride was so adamant about not wanting pregnant bridesmaids that she asked her party not to start a family until after her wedding. "From the very beginning several times before I even asked my girls if they were okay with waiting to have babies or another baby until after the wedding."

Bride's Reason For Not Wanting Pregnant Bridesmaids


The bride was open about why she didn't want to have any expecting mothers in her wedding and shared her reasoning in the post. "I just wanted no stress on dealing with if dresses fit correctly and what not."

The Expecting Bridesmaid Hid Her Pregnancy From the Bride


After finding out one of the members of her bridal party was pregnant, the bride expressed outrage in her post. "One of my bridesmaids hid it from me for a few weeks before she ever said anything and my wedding is a few months away. " 

The Bride Asked if She's Wrong For Being Upset


At the end of her post, the bride asked if she's in the wrong for being upset and expressed anger over her friend not telling her right away she was pregnant. "Am I wrong to be upset because she's making me feel like I am? I'm happy for her but I just wish she didn't keep it from me and lie to me & expect me to still have her."

People Were Not on the Bride's Side


Reactions to the post poured in and Redditors didn't like the bride's behavior. "Ewwww. You don't have your friends in your wedding party for aesthetics," a user wrote. "You have them there because they're who you want by your side on one of the best days of your life. No matter what. The attitude of some brides stink." Another added, "She's basically upset because she won't get the photos she wants because of how someone looks. Would she also be mad if someone broke their arm or leg & had a cast?" Someone else wrote, ""My sister-in-law was SO nervous to tell me she had gotten pregnant like six months before my wedding, because of [drama] like this,". "I was thrilled and her bump is a great addition to all the photos."


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