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Billionaire Walmart Heiress's Yacht Vandalized by Activists

Members of the group Futuro Vegetal shared a video of their work. 

Nancy Walton Laurie was born a billionaire. The daughter of Bud Walton, who founded the multi-billion dollar company Walmart with his brother, is worth an estimated $8.7 billion, making her one of the wealthiest people in the world. In addition to an impressive real estate portfolio, Walton is the proud owner of two mega-yachts. However, according to reports, over the weekend, one of the multi-million dollar boats allegedly owned by Laurie was seriously vandalized by climate activists, hoping to make a point about the carbon emissions that the world's richest people are responsible for. 

Spanish Activists Shared a Video of the Damaged Yachy on Social Media


Spanish climate activists vandalized a superyacht reportedly belonging to the heiress while it was docked in Ibiza, Spain. They shared a video of their work on social media. 

Two Members of Futuro Vegetal Held a Sign That Read: "You Consume Others Suffer"


The activists from the environmental group Futuro Vegetal shared a video on Twitter Sunday morning. In it, they stand in front of the yacht and hold a poster that reads, "You Consume Others Suffer." 

The Yacht Was Covered in Spray Paint


In the video, crew members attempt to hose down the boat, which appears to be covered in red and black spray paint. 

They Claim the "Richest 1%" Pollutes "More Than the Poorest 50%"


"The richest 1% of the world population pollutes more than the poorest 50%," the activists say in the video. 

Rich People Are "Destroying the Planet" They Added


"They are condemning us to a future of pain, misery and desolation," they continued. "They are destroying our planet, compromising the habitability of the land and everything, to lead a standard of living that goes beyond the limits of reason."

Two Members Were Detained Over the Weekend


According to Futuro Vegetal's social media, the two men who held the sign were detained on Sunday. 

The Group Also Spray-Painted a Private Jet


On Friday, Futuro Vegetal spray-painted a private jet at the Ibiza airport, shutting down the runway for several hours. "The action puts the finishing touch to the 'Jets and Yachts, the party is over' campaign, convened by Extinction Rebellion Ibiza who demands the prohibition of private jets and the end of luxury emissions," Futuro Vegetal said.

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