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"Yellowstone" Star Reveals the Secret to His 17-Year Marriage

He claims that two things are responsible for his long and happy marriage.

It's no secret that the divorce rate in Hollywood is significantly higher than for the general public. So when couples actually manage to make it work, many people want to know the secret to their marriage. In a new interview Yellowstone star Cole Hauser reveals how he and his wife, Cynthia Daniel, are at the 17-year mark, attributing it to one major thing. 

Cole Hauser Married Cynthia Daniel in 2006


Hauser, 52, who plays Rip Wheeler on the popular Paramount Network show, married Daniel, 47, who starred in the television series Sweet Valley High, in 2006. 

They Have Three Kids


The two share three children: Ryland, Colt, and Steely Rose. They have lived all over the country together. 

The First Secret to Their Relationship Is Communication


He says the "most important part" of their relationship boils down to two things. "First, communication," he tells Fox News. 

The Second Secret to Their Relationship Is Listening


"Second is listening, which is actually the most important part of communication," he added. 

They Also Are Dedicated to "Creating the Best Children We Know How"


"We believe in the same dream, which is in creating the best children we know how. And she makes a great cup of coffee." 

His Children Probably Won't Go Into Show Business


Hauser doesn't expect his children to follow him into show business. "They have their own dreams," he explained. "And I'm really excited to see them follow them."

They Don't Live in Hollywood


Another reason why their marriage might be stronger than other Hollywood couples? They don't live in Hollywood. They have lived in various states but recently moved to Florida.

He Loves Living in Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach. Florida. USA.

"I've lived all over this country, from Hollywood to Boston to New York to Texas to Oregon to Florida. I feel at home all across America," he said. "The one thing I love about Florida is that there's horseback riding right next to the ocean."

Daniel Shared About the Move in June 2022


"This picture truly captures how happy I am to be living in my home state again," Daniel wrote in a social media post in June 2022. "I never thought in my wildest dreams I would move back to Florida. Thank @colehauser22 for always making my dreams a reality."

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He Recently Launched Free Rein, a Coffee Company

Closeup of a barista pouring milk into a coffee drink

Hauser recently created a coffee company, Free Rein, inspired by his travels. "I've been around cowboys all my life, having grown up on a ranch in Oregon, now working alongside cowboys on Yellowstone. Whether it's the hardworking wranglers on or off set, they're the first to rise, and one thing's for sure, they have a cup of coffee in their hands before the break of dawn," he said, revealing that he can drink up to five cups per day. "I'm also always on the road, and so you can imagine I get to try out a lot of new coffee around the country and the world," he added. "So when my [business] partner Karl sent me a bag of coffee from a family-owned roastery in San Angelo, Texas — cowboy country — I was hooked."

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