Woman Admits to Shaving Her Face Every Day to Get Smoother Skin and Avoid Bacteria

“This has been the best thing for me.”

A TikTok user caused disbelief by sharing a very specific part of her beauty regimen many people may not be familiar with. Mary, who goes by the username @marydpl, shares her skincare routine—and one of the steps is shaving her entire face with a disposable razor.

Mary claims the practice leaves her skin incredibly clean, soft, and smooth and helps her skincare products and makeup apply better. Fans of dermaplaning won't be surprised at Mary's shaving routine—here's what she has to say in the video.

But First, We Cleanse


Mary talks people through her skincare routine, starting with a good cleanser. "First things first, I like to go in with my gentle face cleanser, just to have a clean slate before shaving," she says. "I like to dry my face with a paper towel, just because it doesn't carry any bacteria like a washcloth."

Disposable Razors


Mary then shows the razors she likes to use—basic disposable ones. "So these are the razors that I like to use, especially because they don't have the strip at the top right here [points to blade], which I feel is better for the skin," she says. "I use a new one every day, and that's what I feel really helps maintain my skin because it doesn't carry any bacteria. So this is what it looks like, it has no lubricant on the top strip right here." 

Face Shaving Demo


Mary then shows people exactly how she shaves her face, using swift upward strokes. "I make sure to pull my sideburns up, shave all the way, even down to the jawline, and I'll pluck the neck," she says.

"Can't forget the mustache. Once I finish shaving I'll go in with my normal skincare routine. I started shaving my face when I was doing laser hair removal but then I got diagnosed with vitiligo and had to stop." 

Removing Dead Skin


Mary explains with a laser out of the question and other forms of hair removal too painful, she moved on to shaving. "Electrolysis was super painful so I just resorted to shaving my face," she says.

"Shaving your face is good for moving any dead skin cells, excess oils, any debris, and I love the smooth application of my makeup. Before, the hairs used to get clogged and cause acne, so this has been the best thing for me."

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Dermaplaning Benefits


Experts say dermaplaning—a method of face shaving performed by a licensed professional—can remove up to two weeks of dead skin, and results last up to three weeks (so you don't need to have it done every day like Mary does).

"Dermaplaning is like a turbo-charged exfoliator," says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. "I love to let the skin breathe for the rest of the day," says dermatologist Melissa Doft, MD. "If you need to wear makeup, you can, but your skin barrier is more open and may become more irritated."

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