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Woman Shares Clever Trick to Get Guys to Leave Her Alone in Bars

Kendall Kiper’s “reverse psychology trick” is going viral. 

It's not easy being a hot girl in a bar, claims influencer Kendall Kiper. However, the 21-year-old Georgia native, who currently lives in Los Angeles, claims to know the secret to get men who she has zero interest in to leave her alone at the bar. In a new TikTok video that has over 92,000 views she says that she uses a "reverse psychology" tactic to get out of conversations. 

Here Is How to Get a Guy to Leave Your Alone at the Bar, She Says


First, she suggests downloading one of the many apps that creates a dummy phone number. Then, ask for the guy's number, messaging him from the fake number.

She Uses a "Reverse Psychology Trick"


"I have a reverse psychology trick to help you get out of a conversation with a guy at a bar, it's going to sound a little crazy so bear with me," she says. 

Download a Number Generating App

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"You are going to give him your number, hang on, a fake number they have a ton of free texting apps, Text Now or Text Plus, download one of them, get a second number and have it on your phone and have it memorized as if it is literally your own number," she continued. 

You Give Him a Fake Number

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"When he asks you for your number and you don't want to give it to him, be like, 'Oh just give me yours,' then you are going to text him right then and there from the Text Now app," she says. "The reason that this works is because what you are doing is you're insinuating that the conversation that you're having right there and then is going to be continued later."

Once He Thinks He Has Your Number, He Will Move On


She explains that once he has your number, he will probably move on. "When he thinks that he will still be able to talk to you he's way more likely to leave you alone at that point," she added. 

What Won't Work? Telling Him You Have a Boyfriend

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What doesn't work to get someone to leave you alone? "If you tell a guy that you have a boyfriend, his favorite line, or at least in my books is, 'Oh well he doesn't have to know,'" she said. "That [annoys me[ because if I have a boyfriend he will know. They just don't use their heads especially when they're in a bar. 

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