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Wife Leaves Stunning Tip Response After Waitress Flirts With Husband

The internet is divided over the life tip.

Tipping is a customary practice in which customers give extra money to someone who provided a service, commonly at a hotel or restaurant, which serves as recognition of a good job done. In the United States, tipping 20 percent is customary, giving more or less as needed. When an individual opts not to tip at all, it generally signifies a major disappointment in the service provided and is considered a major slight. Recently, one waitress received an angry comment instead of a monetary amount from a disgruntled customer, and the check went viral. 

An Angry Wife Left a Life Tip Instead of Money on a Check


The viral image shared to the photo-based site, Imgur shows a check for a $32.76 bill. Instead of leaving a monetary tip, the customer gave life advice instead. 

She Wrote: "Don't Call My Husband Sweetheart"


In the slot allotted for the tip, an angry wife wrote a message to the server. "Don't call my husband sweetheart," the note read. 

The Uploader Defended the Server

Smiling female waiter in apron with notepad and pen in cafe.

The image was accompanied by a caption. "Well, it may be a tip but she's just trying to make a living," the uploader wrote. 

Commenters Sounded Off


Not only were users angered by the message itself, but many used the situation as an opportunity to lash out against the practice of tipping.

Some Said That Tipping "Should Be Abolished"


"What an insecure woman. On a side note, tipping should be abolished. Pay your staff a living wage. Servers shouldn't be held hostage by pricks like this woman," one social media user commented.

Another Pointed Out That "Sweetheart" Is a Common Southern Phrase


Another user noted that the term "sweetheart" is nearly as common in some parts of the country as tipping is. "In the southern US, everyone is called honey, sweety, sweetheart and my personal favorite, 'sugar,'" they wrote. 

Others Agreed That It Doesn't Mean Anything When a Waitress Calls Them Sweetheart


"You know how many times I've been called hon or sweetie, or sweetheart by a waitress? Well, not a lot. But, when it happens it's always because it's so into their vocabulary that they say that to everyone. It's just how they end certain sentences. I didn't think much of it," agreed another.

One Pointed Out Why "Tip-Based Jobs" Don't Exist in Other Countries


Another social media user pointed out that many places in the world do not adhere to tipping altogether. "This is the reason the civilized countries got rid of tip-based jobs," they said. 

One Waitress Defended the Wife


One server shared the post on Reddit, taking the side of the wife. "I'm a waitress and have actually been complimented by a couple men, they compliment me for NOT flirting. The reason I don't flirt is because it's simply not in my nature unless it happens organically, in which case it would be authentic, not manipulative & disingenuous," she wrote. "I suspect flirty waitresses are intentionally flirty in hope of manipulating their customers into giving more gratuity. Or maybe they really enjoy their job and talking to people and it's kind of like a little fun performance for them. I don't know."

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She Called "Flirting with" Customers "Manipulative & Gross"


"As for me as a waitress I'm exhausted and tired and my back hurts … and I don't know how to flirt anyway but hey yeah flirting with customers is manipulative & gross. Unless those rare moments when there's GENUINE attraction, but generally yeah ladies please just tone it down a bit will ya," she wrote. 

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