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8 Things We Learned From Tucker Carlson's Explosive Tell-All

Tucker by Chadwick Moore will hit bookshelves next month. 

It has been quite a tumultuous year for Tucker Carlson. After spending over a decade at Fox News, the controversial conservative journalist was dismissed from the network in April, shocking millions of Americans, including Carlson himself. While his future in front of the camera is still under wraps, next month his explosive tell-all, Tucker, written by journalist Chadwick Moore, will hit bookshelves. The Daily Mail got an exclusive sneak peek at Tucker's new biography, offering a glimpse into some of the most shocking subject matters covered in the book. Here are some of the most shocking things to expect from the highly anticipated book. 

1,000 Hours


According to the writer, he spent 1,000 hours interviewing Carlson at his homes in Maine and Florida, where he opened up about everything from his friendship with Hunter Biden to his relationship with alcohol. 

Carlson Used to Drink Four Vodkas for Breakfast


Carlson opens up about his alcoholism in the book, confessing that he used to drink four vodkas in the shape of two double screwdrivers for breakfast. He also talks about becoming sober in August 2002 aged 33, shortly before his wife was due to give birth to their fourth child. He discusses withdrawal and says he had the shakes for a considerable period of time afterward. 

He and Hunter Were So Close, He Used to Stay at His House

Tucker Carlson
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Carlson told Moore that Hunter and his wife would stay with his family in Maine. "Our wives are very close, they were running partners," he said. 

Hunter's Ex-Wife Was "Impressive"

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One Biden that Tucker adores is Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen. "I love Hunter's wife, Kathleen, I thought she was so impressive. Kathleen was always setting aside her own interests and duties to be the dutiful daughter-in-law," he says. 

The Biden Family Isn't Liberal, He Claims

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"Hunter Biden was not liberal in any sense that I recognized. Biden has since become a trans activist and all that, but his family, they were pretty darn Catholic," he says. "They weren't anti-gun at all. Hunter and Kathleen weren't for abortion. They're old Democratic party, the white working-class Democratic party, that does not exist anymore. Biden was about the last relic of that."

Hunter Biden "Degraded Himself" and Ruined His Family


"Look at Hunter, no matter what you now think of him or the family as public figures, the guy really hurt his daughters and his wonderful wife, totally wrecked her life, humiliated his father, whom he really loves," Hunter says in the book, according to the publication. "That's real. And his dad really loves him. He hurt all these people, hurt himself, degraded himself." 

He Calls Jill Biden "a Nasty Person," Adding That She Is "Small-Minded and Dumb"

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"Jill Biden – excuse me, Dr. Jill – was a nasty person. Famously small-minded and dumb. If Dr. Jill didn't want to go on foreign trips, Kathleen would go, just to be a good daughter-in-law. The family was very clannish that way, which I admired. I like clannishness. They would think as a group," he added. 

Carlson Calls Joe Biden "Fake" and "Shallow"


He also goes after POTUS Joe Biden. "Not that there was every much depth to Joe Biden. He was famously stupid. Everyone always said he was stupid, and he'd say anything. So that hasn't changed – he was always skin-deep, fake, and shallow, with the hair plugs, and face lifts, and the pat-you-on-the-back stuff. But he was always very friendly," Tucker says in the book. 

Tucker Has a New Media Deal


Carlson's "new Twitter show has landed one of its first advertisers," reports CNBC. "Carlson agreed to a seven-figure advertising deal with Public Square (PublicSq.), a shopping app that promotes itself as being the 'starting point' for conservatives to battle environmental, social and governance policies, according to people familiar with the matter. The people declined to be named in order to speak freely about an agreement that has yet to be made public. Representatives for Carlson did not return requests for comment before publication."

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