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10 Things Boomers Do That Millennials Hate

A clash of generations.

Generation gaps have always been contentious, but thanks to social media, the ongoing tension between baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) and millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) isn't just pronounced, it's publicized. These are key things boomers do that millennials hate.

Leaving Voicemail


Millennials text, but boomers are still devoted to leaving voicemails "no one will ever hear," the Telegraph declared. "no millennial has the time or inclination to listen to voicemails – let alone record one – when they could just read a message that says "Five mins late, sorry!"

Watching Live Television

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Millennials have fled the television networks for the convenience and variety of streaming video, but boomers are still devoted to watching their NCIS and Yellowstone when they air. The shift is so pronounced that the New York Times recently declared boomers to be network TV's "last best hope." 

Ringing the Doorbell

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"Doorbells are the new landlines: they're becoming so obsolete that the only people who use them are cold callers—or your mother," reported the Telegraph. "When our friends are outside, we'll know because they've already texted us saying 'here!'—meaning we can open the door at the exact moment of their arrival, and make life as seamless as possible. But this modern etiquette seems to have bypassed boomers."

Believing "The Customer Is Always Right"

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"And not allowing employees to adequately defend themselves," said Buzzfeed community member bugaboo22 in reference to boomer trends they'd like to see go extinct. "The customer is the CUSTOMER. The service you get is a privilege, not a right, and you better believe you can be denied service."

Canned Vegetables

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"Canned vegetables have long been a go-to option for boomers, providing convenience and extended shelf life," says Delish. "However, millennials have shifted towards fresh produce, valuing the vibrant colors, crisp textures, and nutrient density that come with it. They prioritize farm-to-table experiences and seek out farmers' markets and organic options."

Using These Phrases at Work


A survey done earlier this year by LinkedIn and Duolingo found that millennials hate hearing five phrases at work (which were probably originated by boomers): "Ducks in a row," "Out of pocket, "Too many cooks in the kitchen," "Drinking the Kool-Aid," and "Circle back."

Just Dropping By


"I do wish that people of older generations would stop just randomly showing up to visit without checking if it's okay first," said Buzzfeed community member raisedbywolves. "It takes no time at all to send a message or call in advance. It may not specifically be a 'boomer' thing, but I don't know anyone under the age of 40 who does this."

Eating Canned Tuna for Lunch


"Canned tuna has long been a pantry staple for boomers, providing a convenient source of protein for quick and easy meals," reports Delish. "However, millennials have developed a distaste for this fishy classic. Concerns about sustainability, mercury levels, and the overall impact on the environment have led them to explore other protein options like tofu, lentils, and quinoa."

Refusing to Learn Technology


"'I don't do computers' or 'I don't do email' or anything that indicates that they're actively refusing to learn how to use technology that has been around for almost four decades," said one Redditor on an AskReddit thread. "It's not being intimidated by technology that annoys me because I can understand that. It's just if they choose to be wilfully ignorant or actively go out of their way to refuse to learn how to use it. Email is no longer just for geeks from the 90s, it's considered as normal and as essential as having a telephone number."

Disliking Something Because It's New


"I absolutely hate it when a boomer says they hate something or something is stupid because it's new," said another Redditor.


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