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Texas Weatherman Grabbed Gun After His Doorbell Rang. It Turned Out to Be a Little Girl Looking for Her Kitten.

Social media exploded over the post.

Walking up to someone's door and ringing their doorbell isn't quite as safe as it once was. After the shocking death of Ralph Yarl, the 16-year-old student who was shot twice after ringing the wrong doorbell in Missouri, what was once considered a courteous method of determining whether or not someone was home has turned into dangerous and possibly deadly risk. One Texas weatherman has stirred up a lot of controversy, after sharing that he was ready to shoot a little girl who rang his doorbell looking for her kitten, warning parents to keep kids away from his home or else he might shoot. 

Chris Robbins Shared a Post That a Child Rang His Doorbell and His Gun Was Loaded

Chris Robbins/Facebook

In his original Facebook post, iWeathernet founder Chris Robbins shared his frustration about a little girl ringing his doorbell. "A child just rang my doorbell. Folks you do NOT ring doorbells in 2023. My 6 was loaded. Keep your kids away," he wrote. 

Social Media Errupted

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Social media erupted in chaos after the post started going viral. So, Robbins edited the post giving more context to the situation. However, he comments continued to enrage the Facebook community. 

The Little Girl Was Looking for Her Cat


He explained that the little girl who showed up at his door was looking for her cat. He revealed that he made the girl cry by threatening to pull her hair. 

He Said He Would Call Police If She Did It Again


"Folks, it is a bad idea to allow your kids to go around ringing doorbells in 2023. Read the news. Stop it," he wrote. "If my doorbell rings again tomorrow I might pull someone's hair lol. I'm just playing, but it really is a bad idea for kids roaming around ringing doorbells. This is not 1972. If that brat rings my doorbell again tomorrow, I will call the police," he added.

He Threatened to "Pull Her Hair"

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"I feel bad because I warned her that I might pull her hair if they rang my door again. She started crying… Learning opportunity. She found a nice grumpy old man. Others out there will cause harm," he continued. "Please teach your kids to stay away from doorbells."

He Then Claimed His Account Was Hacked


"I followed him for years because he had such in-depth forecasts. Sadly, I think he's losing it," someone tweeted in response. "It's literally what a doorbell is for. If he doesn't want anyone to ring it, then he can remove it," wrote another. In another deleted post the weatherman seemed to apologize for the original post, claiming that his account had been hacked. 

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