Woman With This "Weird Name" Has Hardest Time Ordering Coffee

Anyone with a slightly unique name can totally relate to this viral TikTok video.

Unless your name is Bob, you've probably been the victim of barista name slaughtering, especially if you have a unique name, it is pronounced a little different than it is spelled, or your parents decided to tweak the spelling. You know, you order a coffee, the person at the counter asks you your name, and when your drink arrives some foreign version of your name ends up on the cup. Well, one Australian TikTokker with a self-proclaimed "weird name" made a hilarious video reenacting what it is like when she orders a coffee.  

"Starr Anyse here 👋🥴⭐️. Pls comment if you have a weird name so we can be besties," she captioned the video, adding the hashtags #weirdname #weirdnamecheck #comedy #skit. In the hilarious parody the content creator orders up an oat milk cappuccino, looking a bit nervous as she is asked for her "name" by the disinterested barista (Also Starr, with her hair pulled back!) chewing gum. She pauses, and then tells her, "It's Starr."

The barista replies, "Sarah?"

"No, like…" she responds, gesturing toward the sky. 

"Scar?" the barista asks.

"No, not Scar."

The barista continues the guessing game with "Sriachi" and "Moon."

"S-t-double r," Starr says exasperated. 

Cut to: "An oat milk capp for Sky?" the barista says holding onto the drink.

An exasperated Starr just responds, "Yep," popping her hand up. 

Order name dilemma

Many of Starr's followers could relate to her coffee order name dilemma. "I have two wildly bland decoy names for this exact reason," wrote one of them. "PLS SHARE them I need some inspo," Starr responded.

"I go by Jess and you'd be surprised how many people mishear it for Jeff or Steph??" added another. "I'm always amazed at all the random ways they try to spell things to," responded the content creators. Other names that get confused, per commenters? Jen for Jan, Kasie for Katie, Reef for River, and Jess "for Jeff or Steph." 

One of her followers was simply shocked to learn that Starr was actually named Starr. "is your name really Starr??? I thought it was just an internet name," they asked. "Yup it's my name."

"One day they'll say order for skye, you'll take it and realise it was actually meant for a skye," joked one of her followers. "Hahaha it's bound to happen soon."

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