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Video Shows News Anchor Swallowing Insect During Live Broadcast But She Continued to Read the News Anyway

Farah Nasser handled the fly like a pro. 

One of the greatest things that happens on the news isn't the news itself: It is when the person announcing the news becomes an actual news story. Just head on over to YouTube and find thousands of videos of news bloopers, highlighting every hilarious thing that has ever happened while a live news program is being filled. Sometimes newscasters say things they aren't supposed to and others they are confronted with unexpected people or situations. And, on rare occasions, newscasters even swallow flies. One Canadian news journalist is the latest viral sensation after swallowing a fly while on the air. The most impressive part of the story? She handled the situation like a pro. 

A Fly Flew Into Her Mouth While on the Air

Global News/Twitter

Farah Nasser an award-winning journalist and news anchor at Canada's Global News was doing a segment about the tragic flooding in Pakistan when an invited guest visited her on the set. Looking very professional and giving a very serious rundown about the situation, she stops for a brief moment and grimaces before clearing her throat and continuing the broadcast.

She Shared the Clip on Social Media

Global News/Twitter

She later shared the clip on social media. "Sharing because we all need a laugh these days," she tweeted. "I swallowed a fly on air today." She also added that fly-swallowing was "Very much a first world problem given the story I'm introducing." Keep reading to see the video.

The News Became the News


It isn't surprising that Nasser became the news story. "I could feel it fluttering in the back of my throat as I finished that introduction," she told CNN in a later interview. "Give that woman an Edward R. Murrow award right now!" CNN news anchors Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota, applauding her professionalism despite the rude interruption from the bug. 

Her Channel Also Shared It

Global News/Twitter

"While introducing a top story during a recording of Global National, anchor Farah Nasser suddenly stopped mid-read to clear her throat after she says she swallowed a fly, but quickly continued without a sweat," Global News also tweeted. 

She Continued to Joke About "The Fly and My 15 Minutes"


Farah continued to make the internet howl in laughter, sharing more clips on Twitter. "The fly and my 15 minutes continue…" she tweeted. "Also could there be a worse screen grab on the internet?" she added in a follow up tweet. 

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