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Video Shows Woman Pouring Glitter All Over "Cheating" Partner's House

“If I had another relationship and they cheated, I would do the exact same thing.”

In what might be the messiest revenge story ever, a woman in Manchester, UK, taught her "cheating" partner a lesson by dousing her house in buckets of glitter. Nicole Walker was suspicious her girlfriend Vera was unfaithful—and when Vera allegedly confessed to the infidelity, Walker broke up with her, and decided to get her own back. Walker took video of her vengeful behavior, dumping glitter all over the ex's home. Here's what the footage shows

Suspicious Minds


According to Walker, she had suspicions that all was not well in her relationship with Vera—but couldn't prove it. So she hatched a plot to get her girlfriend to admit to cheating, by pretending a mutual friend had already told her the grim details. "I just had this gut instinct that she'd done something behind my back," Walker says. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.



Walker says she essentially tricked Vera into a confession. "I made up that one of her friends had told me the truth and she went 'Which friend? How did you find out?', so she basically dropped herself in it," Walker says. "I just knew, things weren't the same. We both had our own places and we'd usually stay at either one. We used to stay together every night but then she'd be off for three nights at a time. It was different, it was a bit off."

Lightbulb Moment?


Walker was having lunch with a friend when the idea for glitter-blasting the house came up—and she got to work. "I broke up with her, but I still had her keys. I went over that night," Walker says. "'I don't know where I got the idea from. I must have seen it online somewhere. I was at Nando's with a friend and he was saying 'Yeah, do it'. I bought the glitter from a supermarket. I got two packets, I think it was £6 or £7 [$7-$8]. I knew she wouldn't be in when I went over. I think she was out seeing somebody else."

Glittery Revenge


Walker posted the video on TikTok, where she can be seen pouring glitter in every spot she could possibly think of. "I put the glitter everywhere – in the kitchen drawers, in the fridge, in the freezer. I put it all in her bed, because that's the worst," she says. "I put it in all the worst places you can imagine. Glitter's hard to clean up."

Happy Ending


Walker and Vera kissed and made up soon after the incident, and Vera clearly forgave her for the glitter vandalism. "We got back together within the next two weeks," Walker says. "She apologized to me but I did say I let my anger get the back of me. I did say she deserved it though. She never told me how long it took to clean up. I think her mum might have had to go round to help her. I felt bad because I really got along with her mum. I didn't want her mum to clean it up, I wanted my ex to clean it up. If I had another relationship and they cheated, I would do the exact same thing."

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