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Video Shows Woman Derailing Best Friend's Bachelorette Party With Surprise Announcement

A bridesmaid couldn't help share some good news during friend's bachelorette party.

It wasn't her day, but she still had something to say, and she couldn't hold back. A bridesmaid derailed her best friend's bachelorette party by announcing she was pregnant—and it was all caught on video. Now some online commenters insist she "ruined" her friend's moment. Read on to see what happened, the social media reaction, and how both the bride and her friend responded. 

By The Way…


In the TikTok video, which has racked up 9 million views, a bride-to-be and her bridesmaids were taking turns talking into the camera, revealing where each got their outfit and accessories. 

When the woman right before the bride described her outfit, she added, "And baby bump from Riley," placing her hand over her stomach. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.



The bride-to-be, named Katie Jo, looked a bit taken aback. "I didn't know that was going to happen," one of the bridesmaids shouted from off-camera. Katie Jo looked at her confessional friend and said, "Wait…what?"

"I'm two months pregnant," the friend said.

Katie Jo looks flabbergasted, and the two hug. "I didn't know you weren't drinking!" she exclaims.

"I love you bestie. You're going to be the best mama." she captioned the video.

Commenters React—And So Do Bride-to-Be and Friend


"Definition of 'how can I make this about me,'" one commenter replied, earning more than 21,000 likes.

But the bride-to-be swooped in to defend her friend. "How can I surprise my best friend with the most amazing news ever' **," she replied.

"They obviously love each other very much and she knew announcing her pregnancy would bring joy to the occasion," said another commenter. "Congrats to both of you!"

"Adults usually have multiple milestones like this overlapping around the same time in friend groups. Nothing wrong with -," said another.

The confessor ultimately posted in the comments: "yup not ideal time/place, but 1. I live OOT and it was the first time I had seen her in over a month! 2. she knows me too well to lie all weekend."

"Best gift EVER," the bride-to-be replied.

On the Subject Of Dramatic Wedding Announcements


At least the drama didn't erupt at the wedding (yet). In a TikTok video that went viral last month, a bride's wedding dress caught on fire not once, but twice, as she walked down the aisle. TikTok user @holblythe posted video of her full skirt brushing up perilously against lit candles that lined both sides of the runway. "Providing the entertainment down the aisle," she wrote on the post. "Keep watching to see my whole dress nearly go up in flames twice and me not even noticing!" 

At Least Nobody Caught Fire

And in another viral TikTok video set at a wedding reception, a new groom played an X-rated video of his bride in bed with another man—her pregnant sister's husband. The crowd gasps, a bouquet is thrown, and the groom shouts, "Did you think I didn't know about this?" The video's caption: "The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-law's husband in front of everybody."

@katiejo_germany The best gift 🥹🫶🏼 can't wait to watch you be the best parents. ILY #bestfriend #MOH #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement #babymama #auntie ♬ original sound – Katie Jo

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