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Video Shows Moment Robbers Steal Man's $35,000 Cartier Watch in New York City

“What's up with the watch?” one of the robbers said.

Video footage captured the moment a man was mugged by two suspects intent on stealing his $35,000 Cartier watch. The incident happened at around 10 p.m. on Aug. 29, at 235 Ninth Ave. in New York City, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The victim was accompanied by two people who ran away as the suspects approached. He tried to fight back and escape from the robbers, but to no avail—they chased the man down and attacked him, before taking his timepiece. Here's what happened. 

Did One Man Have a Gun?

NYPD Crime Stoppers

Video footage released by the NYPD shows the two robbers attempting to intimidate the victim, with one acting as if he might have a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants. "What's up with the watch?" one of the robbers asked the victim, according to police. Footage shows the man attempting to flee from the pair, who chase him down, pull him to the ground and take the watch off his wrist. They ran away and were seen getting into a black sedan, and the victim was thankfully uninjured. Keep reading to learn more and see the video. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Crime In NYC


According to the NYPD, crime in New York City was up 31% in July compared to the year before, and robberies were up 37%. "Everyone who lives, works and visits here deserves to be safe, and the members of the NYPD will tolerate nothing less," said Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. "But we cannot do it alone. When violent criminals are willing to carry illegal guns on our streets and brazenly shoot at innocent people they must face real consequences."

Murder Is Down

gun robbery

Shootings have more than doubled compared to July 2021, authorities say. "The politicians will say 'Murder is down!' and ignore everything else," says Joseph L. Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. "Meanwhile, everything else is God awful."

Robberies Are Up


Grand larceny, auto theft, and robbery cases are all up. "Usually, during these really hot times, you end up with more violence," Giacalone said. "Maybe it was too hot. But everything else is going off. We've probably lost two decades-worth of crime reductions, and that's the real shame. All those years of hard work by the Police Department is all gone in one year."

Subway Crime

subway cart, 1984 facts

New York City mayor Eric Adams previously announced plans to tackle crime and homelessness on the subway, saying it will take time to fix. "We are days into the first part of a long-term effort to connect New Yorkers to services and set them on a path to permanent housing and stability," Adams said. "The systemic challenges facing people experiencing homelessness and living with serious mental illness developed over decades, and will take time to fix." Watch the video here.

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