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Video Shows Giant Python Snapping and Hissing at Motorists on Major Roadway, Frightening Onlookers

It was trying to attack the cars and trucks.

Motorists and pedestrians were taken aback to see a giant python on the side of a road near Woodlands Checkpoint, Singapore, hissing and snapping at cars and trucks as they passed. The aggressive python was apparently attempting to cross the busy road and clearly thought the cars were a threat to its safety (which to be fair, they were). The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral online—not surprising considering just how big and scary the snake is! Here's what happened.

Python Pedestrian

Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road/Facebook

The incident happened in a place near Woodlands Checkpoint, Singapore (before the evening rush, one tongue-in-cheek commenter said). The giant python was halfway across the road, in clear sight of motorists driving by. Instead of backing away from the vehicles, the snake was hissing at them, its mouth wide open in an aggressive stance. Keep reading to see the video.

Biting Tires

Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road/Facebook

A truck slowed down when it came close to the angry python, which retracted its body and moved back—but it snapped at the wheel as the truck drove by. There's no word on whether the python actually made its way across the road to safety, or if any damage was done to the truck tires (likely not, considering the truck was moving when the snake attacked).

Longest Snakes In the World


Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world, and very common in Singapore. A local man once found a giant, satiated python relaxing in his chicken coop, with the carcass of one of the dead chickens nearby. Chickens and ducks are common prey for reticulated pythons, which are not venomous but prefer to eat their prey whole. Pythons also eat rats and other small animals and will happily live in drains. They are accomplished swimmers and climbers, and have a nasty bite if provoked.

Do Pythons Hurt Humans?


Pythons are not usually aggressive towards humans but if provoked or threatened, can be extremely dangerous. "Big pythons are incredibly powerful animals with huge muscles to both move and eat and constrict," says Stephen Ressel, a professor at the College of Atlantic. "They certainly can pack a huge force as they're constricting." In one particularly gruesome incident, a 23-foot reticulated python swallowed an Indonesian farmer whole in 2017. Pythons have been known to eat monkeys and orangutans, too.

Death By Asphyxiation


When swallowing a large creature whole, the python will take about an hour to "walk its teeth" over a body before it's completely inside the stomach, at which point the stomach acids will break the animal down. Cornell Professor Dr. Harry W. Greene believes there are many more humans killed by pythons than we know—simply because the python leaves no trace of its prey. "I'm pretty sure it happens every year," Greene says.

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