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Video Shows Giant "Godzilla" Lizard Climbing up Window of Florida Home

A man was horrified to find a massive lizard peering into his house.

The visit of a surprising animal that tried to break into a family home through the window was recorded on video and shared earlier this month on Facebook. Frank Crowder found the large monitor lizard clawing at a window on his porch. The "Savannah monitor lizard," which resembled a Godzilla from a certain angle, was lurking outside the home in Apopka, a city nearby Orlando. Read on to see the video and and to learn more about the affair.

Giant Lizard Climbs on Florida Homeowner's Window


A man, who lives in Apopka, a city outside of Orlando, Florida, was recently terrified to see a giant lizard, who wanted to get into his house through the patio windows. 

"OMG! Look at this!" Jocelyn Penson wrote on Facebook, adding that an unwelcomed guest paid a visit to her son's home. She said: "Look at this! Look at what came to pay [Frank] a visit today!" and also added: "Needless to say,  I won't be visiting him any time soon!"

Penson said that even if it was only a reptile, it "looks like Godzilla to me!" Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Savannah Monitor Lizards are Not Native to Florida


Savannah monitors are large pet lizards that are one of the most easy-going and gentle species of the monitor group. They are not overactive animals and usually are easily tamed. Savannahs are popular pets in the United States but don't always thrive in captivity. 

Savannah Monitors are Rather "Shy"


Savannahs are considered by the experts as one of the more "shy" monitors, however, can grow quite large and require an appropriately spacious habitat. When they become older, they are capable of becoming skittish.

Someone's Pet Probably Got Loose


Reptile expert Mike Stefani, who specializes in monitoring lizards, said to FOX 35 Orlando that his first impression after watching the video was that the aminal probably got lost.

"It's pretty irresponsible to let any type of animal out of your care," Stefani said. "As a responsible animal owner and reptile owner, you should know where your animals are at all times. These few people – and there really are very few – that are irresponsible really give us a bad name."

If You Do See One, You Can Call Fish and Wildlife

Lace Monitor Lizard flickering it's tongue

Stefani also says that if you do see one, you should call Fish and Wildlife, or you can try trapping it yourself. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises that none of the nine species of monitor lizards found in Florida are native to the state. But, it happens that they are kept as pets, and once they grow too large for their owners, they are been released into the wild.

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