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Video Shows Massive Bear Shoplifting Candy From 7-Eleven

It was careful to select no more than a few items each time.

Shoplifters are rarely both so cute and so frightening: A 7-Eleven cashier in Olympic Valley, California, was shocked when a large brown bear entered his store on Sept. 6 and started helping itself to junk food. The man managed to get the whole thing on video as the bear became a repeat visitor, and ultimately, a little high-maintenance. Read on to find out how the clerk ultimately dealt with the tough customer.

Bear Does a Quick Browse, Makes a Selection

Christopher Kinson

The store's security camera captured the bear ambling into the store, as the door bell rings for comic effect. The animal seems to know exactly what it wants—it makes a beeline for the a selection of candy, grabs a couple of packages, and turns around and exits. "It came in, sniffed around, then scooted out," said cashier Christopher Kinson. "Once it got the food that it wanted, it scooted right out the door." But that wasn't the end of the adorable/terrifying story. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Bear Which Looks Large Was Actually Larger, Cashier Said

Christopher Kinson/SWNS

Kinson was working the night shift. Around 1:30 am, he heard the door ring as it opened but didn't see a customer. When he looked lower, he saw the huge brown bear loping into the establishment. "Initially I was surprised. I see the door open, and I don't see a torso, and I am like 'Oh my God; it's a bear,'" said Kinson. "The videos really don't do it justice. The bear was about 20% to 30% bigger in real life."

"You Always Have to Be Careful"

Christopher Kinson/SWNS

Despite his shock, Kinson was strategic in dealing with the unexpected customer. "I always kept my distance and I had the back door near me so I could escape if it charged me," he said. "I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. You always have to be careful though. We don't know how exactly they are thinking. Initially I was scared, but after 15, 20 seconds, I was fine."

Bear Came Back Multiple Times

Christopher Kinson/SWNS

As Kinson watched from behind the counter, the bear returned a second and third time, nabbing more snacks. It was careful to select no more than few items each time. "It's funny. It's like it was purposely polite to take one candy bar at a time," said Kinson. "It's almost like it had manners." Kinson took video of each of the bear's visits, at one point saying, "All right, you had enough to eat. Let's go!" and laughing.

Ultimately, Customer Was Cut Off

Christopher Kinson/SWNS

After the bear's third shopping trip, Kinson then attempted to fasten the door shut with a garbage bag and a mop. "It grabbed [the food], went out for two or three minutes and came back," he said. "It came in two or three times and then left for 30 minutes so that's when I blocked the door. You don't want to become their source of food."

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