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Video Shows Hero Man Slapping Bear in Face to Protect His Family

Primal instincts took over.

Video footage of a man fighting off a bear to protect his family (and dogs!) has gone viral with 6.2 million views on TikTok alone. Anthony Mooren was taking a walk with his girlfriend and dogs when he was surprised by the bear, and his instincts immediately kicked in. Mooren scared off the animal by making loud noises, yelling, and—most dramatically—slapping the bear in the face. Here's what video footage of the incident showed.

Just a Nice Walk

Anthony Mooren/TikTok

Mooren was out on a walk with his girlfriend and dogs when they unexpectedly came across a bear. Video footage shows a terrified response from his girlfriend, who he immediately pushes back and out of the way of danger. Mooren also pulls his small dogs away from the bear, before going on the offensive against the furry intruder. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Bear Slap

Anthony Mooren/TikTok

The video shows Mooren making loud banging noises and yelling, "Get back, get back," before hitting the bear right in the face, causing it to retreat. It's not clear where exactly the video was taken, or what kind of bear Mooren smacked. "I'm more afraid of the dude than the bear at this point," said an impressed commenter. "This is the thing I like to imagine I'll do if this ever happened to me," said another.

Unexpected Bear-Sighting

Anthony Mooren/TikTok

So what should you do if you see a bear unexpectedly? According to the National Parks Service, "Stay calm and remember that most bears do not want to attack you; they usually just want to be left alone. Bears may bluff their way out of an encounter by charging and then turning away at the last second. Bears may also react defensively by woofing, yawning, salivating, growling, snapping their jaws, and laying their ears back. Continue to talk to the bear in low tones; this will help you stay calmer, and it won't be threatening to the bear. A scream or sudden movement may trigger an attack. Never imitate bear sounds or make a high-pitched squeal."

Never Run From a Bear

Aggressive black bear

"Know what to do when you see a bear," says Jaime Sajecki, Black Bear Project Leader Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. "NEVER run from a bear. Don't approach a bear – just quietly move away and leave the area. However, if a black bear does approach you, make yourself look big, make loud noises, clap your hands, and continue to back away."

Bear Attacks Are Rare


Bear attacks are thankfully rare—and it's usually lone, predatory black bears responsible for fatal attacks on humans. "Most fatal black bear attacks were predatory and all fatal attacks were carried out by a single bear," says Dr. Stephen Herrero, professor emeritus at the University of Calgary and author of Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance. "With training, people can learn to recognize the behavior of a bear that is considering them as prey and deter an attack by taking aggressive action such as fighting back." Herrero's research shows that contrary to popular belief, mama bears are actually not the most dangerous creatures. "In particular, the common belief that surprising a mother bear with cubs is the most dangerous kind of black bear encounter is inaccurate," Herrero says. "Instead, lone male black bears hunting people as a potential source of food are a greater cause of deadly maulings and related predatory attempts." 

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