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Urban Explorer Discovers Abandoned $12 Million Mansion With Luxury Cars and Shoes Covered in Dust

“It makes no sense to me why these things were left behind.”

Two urban explorers found an incomplete mansion worth $10.5 million, replete with cars and jewelry. Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz found the villa while searching Google for abandoned properties and recorded their tour of the abandoned 30,000-square-foot 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom property, sharing secrets about its tragic history.

"The man who built this mansion was very accomplished, graduating from one of the nation's finest medical schools. He became a surgeon, a father-of-four, and even a recreational pilot," says Abbott, who goes by JeremyXplores. Here's what they found in the house and why the place has been left abandoned.

Dream Home


Abbott does not reveal where exactly the house is to protect the privacy of the original owners. He did say the surgeon who built the house had medical offices nearby and wanted to build the home for his family. 

Tragedy Strikes


Sadly, the man and one son reportedly died in a plane crash while the house was still under construction. His wife and the remaining three children were forced to vacate the property after complications regarding the man's life insurance premiums allegedly not being paid before his death. They still owed $8 million on the house, as well as $50,000 in monthly payments.

Abandoned House


A "foreigner" reportedly lived in the home until 2015 and then left the country and stopped paying taxes on the property. It now sits empty, although Abbott believes a homeless person was staying there and left through a window when they entered the property.

Cars and Luxury Goods


The two explorers found a Mercedes Benz, a Volkswagen Beetle, and a Land Rover on the property. They also found a Christmas tree in the living room and bottles of water in the fridge. "The strangest things I found inside weren't the luxury cars, the lush furniture, or even the flat-screen TVs," Abbott says.

"What I found so strange to be inside were the small items, like the designer clothes with the tags still on, or the Dior shoes in the closet, or perhaps the jewelry and mounds of expensive makeup in the bathroom. It makes no sense to me why these things were left behind, as they could have easily been packed up and transported out of the home whenever the family left."

Sadness For the Family and Home


The 11-hour exploration of the house left Abbott with plenty to think about. "The insurmountable waste that people produce, and the amount of resources that are abandoned every day is mind-boggling. This house is an excellent example of this," Abbott concluded.

"People generally have the same reaction as I did when I first discovered this mega-mansion — they respond in absolute amazement and at the same time, sadness for the family and the home that has begun to be consumed by nature."

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