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SUV Crashes Into Cafe Window Inches From Podcasters Recording a Show

The whole incident was caught on camera and is going viral. 

Podcasters usually discuss the news. However, this week a podcaster and his guest unexpectedly became the news when an SUV barreled through the window of the cafe where they were recording. In a new interview with the Washington Post, Nathan Reeves discusses the wild and shocking car crash that caught him and his guest totally off guard as they sat in a Houston coffee shop closing down their discussion. 

Reeves Was Signing Off When the Accident Happened


Reeves tells the Washington Post that he always signs off his podcast by thanking his listeners for tuning in. During his recent show, he cleared his throat and glanced around the coffee shop where he records. "It got so quiet in here," he said. "How should I—"

Shards of Glass Fell on Him and His Guest


But before he got to finish his sentence an enormous black SUV came barrelling down the street and crashed into the window directly behind where he and guest  Alexsey Reyes were sitting. They were both thrown against the table as glass shards fell all over them. 

The Podcast Went Viral


The podcast went viral on social media, giving the two more exposure than they could have imagined. "It's pretty rare that I get some crazy exposure," Reeves, who started his podcast in February to offer local young artists exposure, said. "I've always felt like the algorithm was working against me, but I guess it just wasn't as exciting as getting hit by a car."

He Chose the Cafe for the Backdrop


He adds that he chose the location because it served as a nice backdrop of the city. "I could film there and get some traffic in the background that would hopefully, cinematically look cool with the way I had it framed," Reeves said. "I guess I just really framed it up a little too nice."

He Couldn't See the Car Coming


Because the two were facing away from the window, they had no idea what was about to happen. "I felt like I was in shock," Reyes said. "… I just turn and see a car on me."

The Driver Ran a Red Light


According to a Houston Police spokesperson, the driver of the black SUV ran a red light, and was swerving to avoid hitting another white vehicle who had a green light. The driver was ticked for running a red light. There were no injuries, luckily. 

He's "Pretty Sure This Is the First Time a Car Has Crashed Into a Podcast Set"


"People love to see fail compilations, they love to see car crash compilations," Reeves said. "… I'm pretty sure this is the first time a car has crashed into a podcast set. So I definitely think it being the first one, and just how crazy it was for all of this to line up, definitely warrants the response it's getting."

The Driver of the Other Car Was "Shocked"


In a TikTok video the driver of the white car, Elyssa Villa, reveals that it is the first car accident she has been in. "I was shocked," she said. "I was like, wow, what are the odds for them to be recording and be able to capture that whole incident?" She started a GoFundMe to help buy her a new car and pay for a back injury she believes was aggravated by the accident. 

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