Mother Forces Psychiatric Check-Ups For 38-Year-Old Son Because He Is Single

Doctor turned the tables.

Pressure from parents to find a partner and get married seems to be universal across all cultures—but one mother in China has taken things to serious extremes. Wang (his surname), 38, from Henan, China, is forced by his mother to go for a check-up at a psychiatric hospital every Lunar New Year, because he is still not married.

The mother is increasingly concerned about her son's single status and is convinced there must be some explanation for his situation. Meanwhile, Wang goes along with it to keep her happy, but the whole situation struck a chord with many commenters who have faced similar parental pressure. Here's what they have to say.

Why Are You Still Single?


The tradition of towing her grown son to a psychiatrist every Lunar New Year started in 2020, with the mother believing he "has something wrong in the head"—because, apparently, that was when his age really became concerning for a single man. This year on February 4, the mother kept the tradition alive and took Wang to Henan Psychiatric Hospital after Lunar New Year to have him looked at.

The mother may not have expected what she heard on this most recent trip. Instead of telling her there was something wrong with Wang, the doctor turned the tables and said the mother was the one who needed help. According to the doctor, she had developed the "forcing her son to marry" disorder.

"Super Old Single Man"


Wang told the Beijing News he has lived in Beijing for ten years while his family stayed in Henan. He has happily spent the years working as an actor and then a tennis coach. He explained that while he disagreed with his mother's attitude, he didn't want to upset her by refusing to see a doctor. Wang also said that in his rural hometown, he is known as the "super old single man."

Keeping the Mother Happy


Wang has made it clear he doesn't see his single status as an issue. However, he knows the older generation has different ideas. "I should not be identified as an unmarried person," Wang says. "I am just very busy and haven't met the right person. My mum can't sleep because I don't get married, so I feel quite upset."

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Lunar New Year and Family Pressure


Wang says in his hometown, he is known as the "super old single man." He also says he can't afford to buy a place in Beijing, so "who would want to marry me?" Young people who live in cities often return to their hometowns for Lunar New Year, and this is when pressure for single people to get married intensifies. One commenter made the point that, "Those who marry casually are the ones with mental problems." Another said, "Why are we acting like sinners in society if we don't get married?"

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