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Video Shows Rampaging Bull Racing Into Office Building, Scaring Workers

Bull was charging through the hallways of a bank.

Every summer in Pamplona, Spain, bulls are unleashed onto the streets from July 7 to July 14 as part of the annual San Fermin Festival's Running of the Bulls. Nearly everyone in the world has seen photos of the famous event, huge bulls running wild and wreaking havoc on the streets of the Spanish town while onlookers scurry away while the bulls are led by their handlers around the area. On Monday, a similar event took place in Israel when an escaped bull tore through the streets of a town and into a bank. 

The Bull Entered a Bank


According to reports, the bull entered into Bank Leumi, located in an industrial zone of the town. It was there for half an hour, roaming the hallways and wreaking havoc on employees, shocked to find a bovine had entered the building. Keep reading to see the video.

In the Video, the Bull Wreaks Havoc


The chaotic animal encounter was caught on camera in a video that is circulating the web. In the first part, the giant bull can be seen charging through the hallways of a bank, while building workers try to avoid becoming casualties of the animal. The bull slides around as men try to chase it out of the building. 

They Couldn't Capture It

Bull charging in bank.

Using a makeshift lasso, some of the men tried to capture the bull as it stampeded through the very modern-looking space. However, the animal continued to evade them and their attempts were unsuccessful as the rope frayed. 

The Bull Eventually Hit the Streets


In the next scene, the bull is seen outdoors on the streets of Lod, a city near Tel Aviv. Frightened onlookers can be seen scurrying away, and cars appear to have been collateral damage from the animal's romp around town. 

It Was Finally Captured and the Owner Retrieved It


Eventually, the bull was successfully chased out of the bank offices, where it was tranquilized by city veterinary employees. Its owner arrived on the scene and retrieved the animal. "No one was injured and no damage was caused," the bank said in a statement.

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