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Queen's Health Fears Could "Unstabilize the Country," as Royal Expert Calls for Prince Charles to Become Regent

One expert maintains it is time for the Queen to step back 

At 96 Queen Elizabeth is the second longest reigning royal in world history and the longest-serving British monarch ever. The beloved royal, who has been on the throne for a whopping 70 years and celebrated her Platinum Jubilee earlier this summer, has yet to discuss when she will step down from the throne, handing the crown to her son, Prince Charles. While the Queen has appeared perfectly healthy for the past few years, in recent months there has been increasing concern over her health, as she has been canceling public appearances. Many people are wondering if her days on the throne are numbered. On Friday, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth would not be attending the Braemar Gathering this weekend, inciting even more fears about her health and the impact it could have on the country of England. Read on to hear what the experts are saying.

The Queen Is Not Attending the Event "For Her Comfort"

Queen Elizabeth II

Royal sources maintain that the decision of the Queen not attending the event has been taken "for her comfort." Instead, heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles will be stepping in for her. 

Angela Levin Believes It Is Time for Her to Step Away


Royal expert Angela Levin believes it is time for Prince Charles to be appointed as regent to rule on behalf of the Queen. While she heavily praises the Queen, she believes it is time for her to pass over responsibility. 

Her Health Is Unpredictable

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

"I think that she has been wonderful, I think that she is an extraordinary woman. I am a real monarchist, I admire her very much," she said during an appearance on the Jeremy Vine show. "But, I think she has now come to a time when she doesn't know if she's going to be alright the next day or in the afternoon."

It "Unstables" the Country

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She believes that her questionable health and last minute cancellations are endangering the UK. "There have been a lot of changes and I think it unstables [sic] the country," she said. "She stands for stability and we're in a bad state anyway and we don't know what's going to happen to her."

Prince Charles Could Be a Regent


She believes that everyone would be better off if the Queen takes a step down. "I think it might be a good idea to pass it on to Prince Charles beforehand so she can relax and enjoy her life in the countryside," she continued. "He could be a regent, he doesn't have to have a coronation."

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