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Queen's Secret Palace Door Behind Cabinet Revealed in a New Video

The secret door happens to be in one of the grandest rooms in the Palace.

Buckingham Palace, the Queen's main residence, is one of the grandest properties in the world. With over 830,000 square feet of living space, a whopping 775 rooms, and the largest private garden in London, the property has hosted royalty since the 1700s. Clearly, any property with so much space and history must have a few hidden doors and secret spaces, one of which has been unveiled in a new video. 

A Royal Fan Asked About the Door

Buckingham Palace at sunrise in London, United Kingdom

In a new video, Marie, an employee of the Royal Collection Trust, answered some burning questions in an Instagram video. One curious Brit asked her about a reported hidden door located in the White Drawing Room, where the Queen hosts her annual Christmas broadcasts and also gathers up the royal family for photos. 

It Exists Behind a Cabinet


Marie confirmed that there is a hidden door, which exists behind a cabinet. She also explained that the secret passage allows "the Queen to enter the State Apartments."

It's Almost Impossible to See It


The dresser and golden mirror appear to be like the other grand furniture in the room, priceless gorgeous antiques. However, it is the floor-to-ceiling moor that is actually a door, with the only evidence being a small gap. Once the mirror is opened, there is a door leading to the Queen's apartments. 

The Door Has Been Confirmed By the Royals

buckingham palace gate london

The official website of the royal family describes the space as "one of the more intimate State Rooms at Buckingham Palace" adding that it is "regularly used for audiences and small gatherings." They also confirm the existence of the door. 

It Allows the Queen to Escape to Her Apartments

queen elizabeth addresses coronavirus on television
The Royal Family / Twitter

"The Queen enters the room via a hidden door disguised as a mirror and cabinet before receiving guests. Ambassadors and High Commissioners from across the world present their 'credentials' (a kind of formal CV) to Her Majesty when they take up their positions in London. For larger events, the room is often used for key guests to be presented to The Queen before everyone moves into the surrounding State Rooms to mingle. Over the years, the space has also been used for Christmas Broadcasts and as the setting for formal family photographs."

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