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Queen Had This Harsh Response to Relative That Joked of Shooting Her "Awful" Corgis, Says Source

Nothing can come between her Royal Highness and her beloved pooches.

It is no secret that Queen Elizabeth's most prized possessions are her beloved Corgis. According to reports, she has owned over 30 of the canines in her lifetime. Over the years, they have been regularly photographed with her, doing everything from sitting on her bed to accompanying her on travels, often circling her feet as she walks. They were even featured in her Platinum Jubilee celebration. However, not every member of her family is a fan of the breed. According to a new report, one of her relatives made a not-so-nice comment about her beloved corgis, and the Queen has a very clever – but savage – response. 

The Queen Has Owned Corgis Her Whole Life

Corgi dog on sofa.

According to the Mirror, the Queen acquired her first corgi, Dookie, at the age of seven and has been breeding them ever since. She even brought her most famous pooch, Susan, on her honeymoon with Prince Philip in 1947. "My corgis are my family," she said in one of her famous quotes about the canines. She also loves Dorgis, a hybrid dachshund and corgi. 

The Queen's Cousin Is Notoriously Outspoken

Princess Michael Of Kent

The publication reports that Princess Michael of Kent, the Queen's first cousin, is one of the most outspoken members of the Royal family and never shies away from expressing her opinions. She has made remarks about the "awful" décor at Windsor Castle or branding the older royals as "boring," they maintain. The Queen might let a lot of these comments slide, but when the princess attacked her pets, she had to bite back. 

She Commented That the Corgis "Should Be Shot"

Princess Michael Of Kent

According to the report, Princess Michael was asked about her opinion of the Queen's corgis. Her response was, the Queen's furry friends "should be shot." Ouch!

The Queen Bit Back

The queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth II

The Queen reportedly didn't let her cousin's quip about her family members go unnoticed. She used her famous wit to seriously bite back. According to the book The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II, she replied: "They're better behaved than she is."

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The Corgis Live Like VIPs at the Palace

Corgi dog on sofa.

According to several royal insiders, including former butlers and chefs, the corgis were amongst the most well-fed residents of Buckingham Palace. Some of the things they dined on? Rabbit, chicken, beef, and lamb, all prepared by their own personal chefs. They also fly on private jets. 

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